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Dribbel + Flush Dribbel + Flush
Dribbel + Flush
These are the most funniest, most lovable and pretty Beagles ever! One day filming these dogs would be a wonderful movie for Hollywood!
Heloise L
The Netherlands The Netherlands

Tja Mike -Tyson Tja Mike -Tyson
American Staffordshire Terrier
Tja Mike -Tyson
vader en zoon
Tyson En Mike
arnhem arnhem

Sir Truus Trouble Sir Truus Trouble
Mixed Breed
Sir Truus Trouble
Sir Truus Trouble, a dog from Greece, now 4, 5 years old and living in the Netherlands. From Shelterdog to Housedog.
Villa Zwerfhond

Gianecchini Gianecchini
Obviously Gianecchini is the cutest looking dog in the world.
Reynaldo Gianecchini Le Dutch
Holland Holland

Singha Singha
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Our RR-puppy is now 10 weeks old. We loved het very much!
Anita Van De Wijdeven
Netherlands Netherlands

Xito Xito
Belgian Malinois
Xito, in training for IPO.
Malinois K9
Netherlands Netherlands

Luna Luna
Border Collie
This is Luna, my six year old Border Collie. She got a bad case of the Coonhound virus at the age of six months old. She was paralysed for nearly three weeks but after intense physical therapy and recovery she was as good as new- except for her funny crookeD front legs. We even do agility with her and she loves it. She is quite a character and wins everybody over with her charms.
J. Saarloos
Netherlands, Europe Netherlands, Europe

Baldi Baldi
Miscellaneous Breed
Baldi is a ferry lovely dog!
Miranda En Vincent
Netherlands Netherlands

Lobke Lobke
Jack Russell Terrier
A little Jack Russel Terrier, very sweet but also very bitchy if she likes. Has a big brother Juul an a stephbrother Tassos, but is the boss at home!
Silvie Vdh
Netherlands Netherlands

Massie Passie Massie Passie
Labrador Retriever
Massie Passie
Our Massie is a senior Cross Breed darling! We love him very very very much. He goes out playing with all his friends every day.
Sophie Dm
The Netherlands The Netherlands

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