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Skinny Skinny
Boston Terrier
This little girl is skinny. A very cute and lovely dog with lots of, lots of energy. She is now 8 months old.
Anita K.
The Netherlands The Netherlands

Chica Chica
Chinese Shar-Pei
my dog is so cute she loves to play with everybody. she dont like to be allone.
J.B. B.B.
Netherlands Netherlands

Our Bostons Molly and Tigo Our Bostons Molly and Tigo
Boston Terrier
Our Bostons Molly and Tigo
Molly and Tigo are lovely Bostons. They can't live without each order.
Fam. Stenvers
Netherlands Netherlands

Sarge Sarge
Miscellaneous Breed
This is our Dogue the Bordeaux Sarge. She is the most wonderfull dog in the world! She does millions of tricks and loves everybody and everything! especially children (because they always seem to have something to eat with them! like icecream or cookies!)
Catinka de Vries
The Netherlands The Netherlands

Gismo Gismo
Great Dane
Gismo is our first Great Dane. He is our little big boy and we love him to death. We even planned our "Special Geat Dane Holiday" in France this summer. I also made a webspace for him at msn, so anyone can follow his and our adventures with him. Gismo will celebrate his 1st birthday next week!
Liz T
Netherlands Netherlands

Champi Champi
American Staffordshire Terrier
Gentle, loving and loyal Stafford. He loves children.
C. Staff
Netherlands Netherlands

Mack Mack
Comes from a Collie shelter.
Nick Janssen
Holland Holland

Chess Chess
She is a bitch out of Moondancer Colinia's Paradise and Amalie best bitter.
Nick Janssen
Holland Holland

Enigma Greenhearts Aquita (Hamish) Enigma Greenhearts Aquita (Hamish)
Golden Retriever
Enigma Greenhearts Aquita (Hamish)
Just a great friend and a good working dog too.
Yvonne Bergsma
Holland Holland

Sir Winston Sir Winston
Sir Winston
Our beautiful boy, at the age of 11 weeks.
Leandra Lammers
Netherlands Netherlands

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