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Pepper Pepper
Basset Hound
Pepper is a 4 year old female. As with all Bassets she loves people and kids, and always tilts her head when you talk to her. She lost her daddy 2 years ago (my husband died of cancer), so she is very attached to me, and is always by my side. She is the best dog I have ever had, and the only type of dog I would ever have again.
Cindy Nelson

Chico Chico
Basset Hound
My name is Chico. I am 2yrs. old. I love to go for walks and go wherever my nose will take me. And when I am not playing I love to take long naps. My interests are cats, squeaky toys, and bones.
Jennifer H.

Maxwell & Erma Maxwell & Erma
Basset Hound
Maxwell & Erma
Maxwell is a tri-color male who is 4 years old. Erma is a red and white female who is 1. They love to eat and hang out by the bedroom window looking for the neighbors cat. They love sunny days to lay in the grass, and they won't go outside when it's raining. They are a great breed if you don't mind drool.
C. Mitton
Michigan, USA Michigan, USA

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