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Butters! Butters!
Butters is our rescue dog! He has made himself a wonderful part of our family. He's Bella's brother. They love to play and snuggle. We love our bulldogs!
Lisa Gentile
Usa Usa

Maggie Grace Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace
Meet Maggie! She is our 1 1/2 year old bulldog. She has quite a licker! Maggie loves people and going for rides in the car. She is very cuddly.
Nicole D.M.
Pa, Usa Pa, Usa

Em & M (Emma & Maggie) Em & M (Emma & Maggie)
Em & M (Emma & Maggie)
Emma (top) and Maggie (bottom) are our beautiful bullie girls. They love to play and wrestle! They are complete opposites in every way except that they both LOVE attention.
Nicole D.M.
Pa, Usa Pa, Usa

Jersey Jersey
Jersey is the love of our lives. He brings us joy each day.
Larry Crutchley
Usa Usa

Felicity Felicity
She is home raised, loves playing with kids and other animal pets, vet checked.
Michell Farm
usa usa

Bosco Bosco
Not Forgotten
I only had this one eyed abused fellow for a year. I adopted him and knew his long term life span didn't look too hopeful, but I wanted to make it the best part of his life! His name was Bosc. He had the best temperament known in canines and had this unbelievable love for children. He will always be missed beyond belief!
Jen Williams
United States United States

Beryl Beryl
just letting you all know how our little beryl is getting on she went to her first show last week and won best bulldog puppy and best utility puppy shes a little smasher love her to bits...
Mark H
England England

Emma Emma
This is our lovely Bulldog!
Fubsy Lady
Germany Germany

Batista Batista
Batista is a Bull Boxer he's 6 months old, loves to run,play,sleep and take four wheeler rides, he weighs 50 pounds at the time, he knows all sorts of tricks like shake,sit, and lay, he also enjoys drinking water straight from a water hose, in his history he has became really sick a couple of times almost dying once, but now he's doing great and you can't wear him down, he somehow or another finds energy and goes all day {real energetic}.
Raymond Perkins

Daisy Daisy
Daisy is 3yrs old, She is the best. She like to just sit on your lap,60LBS Yes sit on your lap.And she loves car rides.
Angie Schuhbauer
New York New York

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