20 Belgian Malinois Photos
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dakota dakota
Belgian Malinois
dakota is s 11 monyh belgian malinois, who likes to play and run.
bill d
usa usa

Korut Korut
Belgian Malinois
Our breeder friend has been breeding Belgian Malinois for 10+ years and we bought a dog from him 7 years ago and the dog was snake bit and we were unable to save him, but now we have returned to the same breeder to purchased a new puppy. It's been 4 years since Turok passed, so we named our new puppy after Turok's memory. Korut is Turok spelled backwords! Our breeder has breed for years and we picked out our puppy at day 1 and his color is odd, the vet thinks it could be a gene problem, but he is beautiful and totally normal and we love him dearly.
Tracy Minyard
Florida, USA Florida, USA

Emerie Emerie
Belgian Malinois
Dynamite comes in small packages, this is exactly like Emerie. She is absolutely gorgeous and so sweet. She is a police girl and now only 2 years old. If she doesn't like somebody, she will let him know. She has got such a personality, but we love her so much!
Whag W
South Africa South Africa

Andy, Duchess, Duke Andy, Duchess, Duke
Belgian Malinois
Andy, Duchess, Duke
Andy, Duchess, and Duke are all rescues, with huge hearts. They are excellent family dogs, and my family wouldn't know how to live without them!
Maryfrances Betts
Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore, Maryland

Barnot Barnot
Belgian Malinois
I love this dog because of its character.
Jhun Cerrafon
Philippines Philippines

Duchess Duchess
Belgian Malinois
Duchess is a rescued Malinois, who has been with us since she was 4 months old. She is a great jumper, and loves to please.
Maryfrances Betts

Knox Knox
Belgian Malinois
He is a sweet puppy who brought joy to our life!
Haleigh L.
Illinois, USA Illinois, USA

Tequi(lla) Tequi(lla)
Belgian Malinois
Our Tequilla (called Tequi) is a great dog. He loves cats, kids 'n grandparents very well. He's a part of our family.
Franky M.
Germany Germany

Sadie Sadie
Belgian Malinois
Sadie is a beautiful 16-month-old Belgian Malinois. She is brilliant and an excellent guard dog.
Meredith Elshatshat
Louisiana, USA Louisiana, USA

Kiara Kiara
Belgian Malinois
A cute 3 month old girl pup.
Jay Kiz
Philippines Philippines

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