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Layla Layla
Bichon Frise
Layla is our 10 month old Bichon who is so full of life. She loves to play, give kisses, go for long walks and snuggle. She is the most beautiful loving dog and we are so lucky to have her in our lives. People are always stopping us and telling us how beautiful she is and wonder where we got her. We are truly in love with this dog!
The Suchecki Family

Maggie And Lulu Maggie And Lulu
Bichon Frise
Maggie And Lulu
Maggie is 5 and is biger than Lulu who is 10. They are both well behaved and loving and love good company, good food and lots of hugs.
Bomi Daver
toronto, canada toronto, canada

Cooper Cooper
Bichon Frise
Cute, loyal, protective & totally a one owner dog.
Becky King

Pinky And Louie Pinky And Louie
Bichon Frise
Pinky And Louie
Picture is the mom, Pinky, and her first born, Louie. Since he was the only that survived the first litter, they are very close. This picture is one of their cuddly moments.
Jmr Metz
Usa Usa

Louis Louis
Bichon Frise
He lost his willy in freak accident this year was top show dog and father now he is aka Louise.
Eurobichons Stapleton
Uk Uk

Charlie Charlie
Bichon Frise
Charlie is 6 months old, and very loved!
Sam B
Usa Usa

Carolina Carolina
Bichon Frise
My dog name is Carolina but I call her Cara.She is very sweet and playfull.I love her very mutch!!!She is everything for me...I want for her the best...I will love her forever and ever eaven if she will or won't be with me.She is like a little sister to me.She has 2 years.
Besciu Patricia
Romania Romania

bushes bushes
Bichon Frise
bushes likes to play in the water and run around the house.
rc cr

Fluffy Martinez Fluffy Martinez
Bichon Frise
Fluffy Martinez
Fluffy is a nice dog. We love him very much. He loves to play with his ball and he loves people also. Fluffy was born May 13, 2004 in Oklahoma and was flown to Whittier, Ca. This is where his name was changed from Christopher to Fluffy. He says he likes his new name better.
Kimberly Martinez

Bob Bob
Bichon Frise
Bob loves people and other doggies. He is very fond of "belly rubs" and at times demands this. He is our best friend!
Ray & Eva B

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