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Gizmo Gizmo
Gizmo is what brings joy to my life. Seeing his happy face every morning gives me a great start to my day. He was given to me by a woman who purchased him and was allergic to him. I never thought that Gizmo would be such an essential part of my life. He is my best friend and a wonderful dog.
Amanda Cass

Casper Casper
This is Casper my Amazing Pekingese! He is a 6 year old male, birthday August 8. He is a very photogenic dog. He loves having his picture taken and is very popular in my community. He performs dog shows for birthday parties and has been in parades. He has been in the Washington Post twice for supporting the fact to get new batteries for your smoke alarms and for pedestrian street saftey. He does this by holding up signs that says things about pedestrians and smoke alarms in his mouth and having his picture taken. He loves this kind of attention. He has taught kids Stop Drop and Roll by demonstrating. Since my dad, grandfather and step dad are firefighters. Casper goes to all the events to entertain. He has one best trick, best dressed and best bark contest at a huge event. I love my CASPER VERY MUCH! he will do anything for me. He is always interested in learning new tricks. So far he knows 20. i love to groom him, play ball with him, and just spoil him. He has many dog outfits to wear when we go out and a dog carrier for when he gets tired. i love casper
Karina Alfaro

Buddy Buddy
Buddy came to us at 7 months old. Not having much contact with people he was quite on the shy side. It did not take long just lots of love for his personality to come full swing. He is the love of my life and I would not trade him for the world...he is "my little buddy"
Christine Carey

Tasha Tasha
She is most beautiful dog in the world.
Dubravka O.
croatia croatia

Joey Joey
My little Joey will be ONE year old on April 28 2007 and putting up his pic in DogBreedz.com is like a birthday present to him...he is so loving and adorable and is a complete joy to my whole family!
Je Sen Teh
Malaysia Malaysia

Ginger Ginger
This is Ginger she is a rescue dog 6 years we now been together since Aug 2006 she is loved and now a little spoiled does high 5 and she even prays and says aman like a Baptist quite and has a smile and now has this proud attitude about herself and is use as a service dog for me and does a good job.
David Delamater
Washington USA Washington USA

Tj Tj
TJ is a 5 month old peke who loves to cuddle
Erin H
Bc Bc

Max Max
Max was part of a puppy mill before we rescued him. He is missing his right eye and is blind in his left eye. Max loves his toys and he knows where all of them are. If he ever left home he would need a trailer for his stuff. I love Max, can you tell?
Laura Tilling
Usa Usa

Minnie Minnie
Minnie is very spoilt, she loves her bed, her toys ( has a few favs) Love to do her tricks which include Sit, shack, lay, roll over, play dead, and highfive, She is 2 years old!
Stacey Brown
Usa Usa

Dusty Dusty
He is so cute and wonderful and he loves hollywood!! This is the star that he picked out to stand on.
Melissa Black
Usa - Arizona Usa - Arizona

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