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Sashwata Sashwata
Mixed Breed
my dog looks very cool
Jitu Sahani
lucknow,india lucknow,india

Torres Torres
Golden Retriever
Not Forgotten
my torres was the most loving thing on this earth! i miss him each & every day, its been three months since he left us but we cry for him even today... he was too cute, loving, loyal, naughty, lazy sweet baby of mine.. love him, miss him tooooo much....
Sunita Paul
Mumbai, India Mumbai, India

Torres Torres
Gordon Setter
Not Forgotten
this was our first ever pet, we miss him so much.. he was tooo cute, lovable, lazy, naughty... he will always b with us forever & ever...
Tamanna Paul
Mumbai, India Mumbai, India

Bandit Bandit
Mixed Breed
Bandit is a Collie mix and I really Love him. He is a very good ranch dog! This pic is of him and me at the pond.
Lizzy M

Picasso Picasso
He is a sweet 3 month old baby boy.
Mandy P
Maryland Maryland

Buddy, Jackie & Mate Buddy, Jackie & Mate
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Buddy, Jackie & Mate
Our 3 little Cavaliers are our little "heartbeats at our feet". They give us so much love and fun, we'd be lost without them. They play well together, and are very protective of each other, just our little furry bundles of love.
W. & H. Freeman
N.S.W. Australia N.S.W. Australia

Quinnie Quinnie
German Shepherd Dog
my baby shes 5 months and already 50 pound shes going to be a big ole baby and shes the most protectivest at such a young age she came right out of germany and very intelligent!
Macy Johnson
south carolina south carolina

Tuck Tuck
Border Collie
my dog is a border collie he loves herding we have these 2 month old chicks and he just runs around herding them they also love runnning so if you want one make sure they have plenty of room and there not really a kid dog
Jean Lindell
wa usa wa usa

I Wanna Play I Wanna Play
I Wanna Play
All she wants to do is fetch, play in the water, and run like crazy using her nose in the swamp/woods. She loves her boat rides too.
Lucy Laiche
Louisiana, USA Louisiana, USA

Badger Badger
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
He's funny and loves children. He also loves socks and popcorn. Loved so much x
Rach Davies
Chester Chester

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