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Muttley Muttley
Mixed Breed
she is a cross staffie boxer and is mental haha x
Andrew Croxford
Edinburgh Edinburgh

Mac Mac
Golden Retriever
He is not my dog he is my cousins and he loves to swim and he is very active and sweet.
Hannah Thomas
Mississippi Mississippi

Bogart Bogart
Boston Terrier
Bogart is a 3 year old Boston Terrier. My son got him from rescue, I inherited him when my son was going through a divorce. He joined our big family of 3 female Springer Spaniels. He is the king of the house and gets along very well with the girls.
Gloria F
Dearborn, MI Dearborn, MI

Kirby Kirby
Bearded Collie
Kirby is 4 month old now. He is very playful and can't stay in one place.
Jessa Fabular
Philippines Philippines

Lulu Lulu
My bulldog is very lovable. She loves to walk, and play. She likes lots of attention.
Kelly Marcum
Ohio Ohio

Vader Vader
American Staffordshire Terrier
Vader is a loving 120 lb. 4 1/2 yr. old male who can't get enough love and affection, he loves to sunbathe and sleep in the bed!
Melissa Hicks
Nevada Nevada

Laika Laika
Border Collie
Our Border Collie is the most loving dog I have ever lived with. She listens well and enjoys her training. This is a breed of dog that you will have fun doing anything with.
Rachel P.
Georgia, USA Georgia, USA

Angel Angel
Rhodesian Ridgeback
She is a pure bred that is 10 month old! It is never a dull moment with our little angel!
Ashley S
Spokane Washington, USA Spokane Washington, USA

Daisy Daisy
Border Collie
Introducing the clown, jumping, licker facer DAISY DOODLES!
Emily H
Helena,MT,USA Helena,MT,USA

Famous Amosmoses Famous Amosmoses
Famous Amosmoses
Here is famous AMOSMOSES again recovering from hip surgery and he still wants to chase cars and trucks, what a BULLY.
Bob Bennett
Godfather Country Godfather Country

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