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Boycie Boycie
Mixed Breed
This is Boycie he is about 11 Months old and Possibly a Staffie cross. I have had him 2 Months he is a Rescue who was going to be shot. He has just passed his Good Citizen Bronze Award. He is a lovely little dog full of beans and loves playing with a Kong toy.
Sam Lee
Gravesend, Kent Gravesend, Kent

Honey Honey
Honey is my 8 year old pomeranian who is also known by the doctor's office as THE DIVA and she definitely is one; it is all about her. She is soo smart and observes my every move. She is the best companion anyone can have.
Patricia Reyes
Jackson Heights, New York Jackson Heights, New York

Katie & Peanut Katie & Peanut
Katie & Peanut
Katie and Peanut were our first two Dachshunds.We love them very much. Peanut, the male, informed me my wife had a problem by whining at the bedroom door. I entered the room and found that my wife was having a heart attack. He is our hero, he saved her life.
David C
Madison, Hazel Green, AL Madison, Hazel Green, AL

Sparky Sparky
French Bulldog
The cutest french bull you will get! very friendly but lazy. he is 6 month old boy, he is very good on walks and he loves his tug of war toys! he has a dog bed but never sleeps in it!
Jordan Lower
Sussex, england Sussex, england

Jean Luc Jean Luc
Poodle (Toy)
Jean Luc
Jean Luc posing after a hard day at the Poodle Spa.
Sheela Collins

Boxy Boxy
German Shepherd Dog
good dog with blue eyes. good with every one. like to play with ball and toys
Raghu Varan
Kharagpur, Westbengal Kharagpur, Westbengal

Thefamousamosmoses Thefamousamosmoses
Amos has his own you tube channel called thefamousamosmoses of course.
The Famous Amosmoses

Cason Cason
Loves to give kisses and hugs, and barks waffle. Loves all people and animals.
Nicole Corbett
Lafayette, USA Lafayette, USA

Stryker my Show Dog Stryker my Show Dog
Stryker my Show Dog
He is a show dog and a mini dachshund from 4-h. He is AKC registered and he was the first boy of the boys in his litter. I show him and I've bred him.
Mackenzie Bernier
Washington Washington

Neo Neo
Rhodesian Ridgeback
His name is Neo, we have had him from 10 weeks old. He will be 3 years old in June 2012. Beautiful temperament, runs with me most days up to 6-7 km, great with the kids, loyal and confident. What I like is he won't bark back at other dogs who bark at him, he looks and walks on by. 64 kg and in perfect health. Great dog.
Phil E
Queensland Australia Queensland Australia

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