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Booger Booger
booger was born dec 24th 2010 he just turned 2 years i old he is a ham. we love him to death..
Lois Kuhns
westmoreland westmoreland

Maxi Gurl Maxi Gurl
Maxi Gurl
My 2 year old boxer is so sweet and gentle, although she looks so scary to others.
Malu963 Ancheta
Marilao Bulacan Marilao Bulacan

Celo Celo
celo is a 11th month old dog, it is amature and pure home made. with dasing body.
Netrutva Patel
surat gujarat india surat gujarat india

Little Ballou Little Ballou
Little Ballou
Ballou is a very special boy. I have 9 in the house and he is the littlest one. He is a flirt and can coax anybody to pick him up.
Mama Gramma Mary

Chancer Chancer
Not Forgotten
chancer was a white boxer, such a wonderful boy.
Babs Maciver
scotland scotland

Zeus Zeus
I think he is human. Zeus is lazy.... goofy.... and so affectionate.
Nicole Cicero
Old Bridge, NJ Old Bridge, NJ

Mitzii Mitzii
got her from the Kosciusko County Animal Shelter, from the moment i saw her, i was hooked, she gives as much love as she can. each day is great seeing this puppy enter the house. she shows her love with her little stub of a tail wagging as hard as she can. its so cute seeing it,
Jerry Deaton
ind ind

Boy "The Brad Pitt Of All Boxers" Boy "The Brad Pitt Of All Boxers"
Boy "The Brad Pitt Of All Boxers"
Our Boxer is just so much fun. He is so beautiful, I am considering to do shows with him. Boy is the first boxer we ever owned and he truly is a delight to have in our family.
Michelle Morgan
Albion, New York Albion, New York

Tyson Tyson
Tyson loves playing
Sophia Rivera
newyork newyork

Ty Ty
my boxer tuffy just passed away unexpectedly--i went through the greater ohio boxer rescue & just adopted my new little boy--ty--he lost his owner when he turned 6--i lost my tuffy when he turned 6--my sister in law said we were meant for each other & i have to agree--he is a sweetheart- & just in time for mothers day jackie & ty
Jackie A Batdorf

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