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Isabelle Isabelle
Isabelle was the only girl of a litter of 7. She was the last to come out and she was the runt of the litter. Everybody wanted the big strong males. But when i seen her i knew she was the one. She has the most personality that i've ever seen in a dog. She understands many words including outside,inside,upstairs,downstairs,car rides, potties,and many more. She can even understand the difference between outsides and car rides even though when you say them they sound the same. Loves other dogs,people,and kids. She also will not touch food on plates even if its on the floor,only her bowl or the floor.(even a steak)
John Ward
Usa Usa

Mike Mike
Mike is the love of my life. Our family has always had laid back labradors, but Mike has found his place in all of our hearts. He is my best friend and truest companion.
Linda Miller
United States United States

Meaty Meaty
I got Meaty as a Christmas gift and couldn't be happier. He is very sweet, playful, and loving. This picture is him almost 2 months.
Krystal J
Usa Usa

Dexter Dexter
My dog, Dexter is the friendliest and happiest dog on earth. He has a great personality and he loves other pets and people alike.
Proxy Narohna
Hoboken, U S A Hoboken, U S A

Suzy-Q Suzy-Q
Suzy was a semi rescue, the people who had her didn't take care of her or want her so we took her in.She is approx. 4 months old and we really love her! She loves to chew on anything,dig in the trash and so far loves everyone she has met.
Mark P
Texas, Usa Texas, Usa

Zoey Zoey
Zoey is my little buddy. Whether we're wrestling or cuddling up to a good movie. This is a picture I took of her on New Year's Eve after all the fun and festivities. She is 7 months old.
Samara Daniel
Usa Usa

Maya Maya
Maya is almost 2 years old now. She is a very funny,very intelligent girl. She is well behaved, with little escapades here and there.She is shearing our apartment with her friend Mookie, which is a 4 years old cat. Overall, Maya is the best dog i have ever had
Racu C.
Usa Usa

Kassie Kassie
Miss personality. Every mood is written on her face. She loves to talk (boxer woo woos). She will do the most amazingly funny things.
Kelly R
Pa, Usa Pa, Usa

Deejay & Ellie Deejay & Ellie
Deejay & Ellie
This is my two little friends Ellie(brindle female)aged 7 & Deejay(white male)aged 10 months.They are the best dogs ever.
Janet Bartlett
England, Great Britain England, Great Britain

Bruno Bruno
Here's Bruno at 12 weeks born on 11/2/06, same birthday as my wife. Go figure.
Andrew Belia
Australia Australia

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