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Marilyn Monroe Davis Marilyn Monroe Davis
Labrador Retriever
Marilyn Monroe Davis
Here she is the most Beautiful dog in the world..Miss Marilyn Monroe Davis!
Don Davis
usa usa

G-Money G-Money
Labrador Retriever
G-Money's 1st Birthday Party!! We had a big cook out,cake and ice-cream for him.
kay fletcher
usa usa

buford pusser buford pusser
Labrador Retriever
buford pusser
You've heard of the legendary Buford Pusser from the movie Walking Tall...the sheriff of McNairy Co.;Well here's Buford Pusser our yellow lab.Everyone say's he'll have to learn to carry a big stick to live up to his name!!
kay fletcher
usa usa

Jazzy-Mae Jazzy-Mae
Mixed Breed
My dog is a husky-shephard mix. She is five years old and she is beautiful. She has black hair with a white undercoat and brown markings on her back. Her face is gray and she has the build of a husky. Her personality is more like that of a shephard. She is the most beautiful dog I have ever owned.
mary suess
United States United States

Lillie Lillie
Shih Tzu
We got Lillie one day when she was walking by with her owner and parents and she saw our dog Jessie and just started jumping and hugging her. We decided our dog Jessie needed a friend.

Bijou, Parker, & Eva Bijou, Parker, & Eva
Miniature Schnauzer
Bijou, Parker, & Eva
This is Parker (ala Tony) squeezed in the middle of Eva (on the right) and Bijou (on the left). Bijou is just one of 5 "Silver Spur" female black and white parti puppies. Now full grown, she weighs all of 4.4 pounds. Parker is quite the little frenchman, with lots of attitude. We're hoping the real Tony Parker and Eva Longoria announce their engagement before these two have their first puppies together!
Connie Schwarz
Texas,USA Texas,USA

Sir Sullivan of Mastic (SuLLy) Sir Sullivan of Mastic (SuLLy)
Boston Terrier
Sir Sullivan of Mastic (SuLLy)
This is Sully, he will be 4months old Oct 1st. And he is a rough,tough boy. And cute as can be. he loves to play, run And nip bare feet.Why i don't know.
Angie Schuhbauer

Milo Milo
Milo is a spunky 3 year old that acts like he is 1. He love spending time outdoors digging holes, going for rides, and finding rocks.
Lindsey C
The United States The United States

Daisy Mae Daisy Mae
Border Collie
Daisy Mae
She is so cute and sweet! You would be lucky to have her. She is very well trained, and nows some tricks too! This is the same dog as the other Daisy with my name, but this is a better picture!
Rachael P.

Dana Von Ryan Dana Von Ryan
German Shepherd Dog
Dana Von Ryan
This is Dana, she is 8 weeks old, she is Sam and Xanders baby!
Daniel and Paula Silva

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