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Bouki Bebe & Boudin Bouki Bebe & Boudin
Miniature Schnauzer
Bouki Bebe & Boudin
My 3 girls are my saving grace. They are all fashion-plates and love to play dress up. Bouki is 2 and a genius, Bebe is a professional singer/diva with Grandpa and has been on TV numerous times Boudin is the perfect Mommy to her little sisters she is 9 and is the "ultimate beauty queen" she is very vain. Bouki is from Texas, Bebe California and Boudin Louisiana. All have cajun french names.
Rev Claire Stokes

Peanut Peanut
He loves to play go for walks.
Stacy M
Albuquerque NM Albuquerque NM

Cinnamon Cinnamon
Cinnamon is 7 years young and is a real character, she'll run around the house like a MANIAC!! Jump up in mid air to catch a bird and will run like a cheetah and she won't care if you can dress her up as a pop star or even put sun glasses on her. Cinnamon's favorite things to do are chasing ducks, swimming, catching birds, agility and flyball.
Ashley Leader

Jake Jake
Mixed Breed
Jake is a dog I rescued in Sept. of 2003. He was left tied up in the backyard of an abandoned home. I immediately took him to my vet and he was diagnosed with heartworms, first stage. I got him treated and he pulled thru. He is a wonderful dog, with a great temperament and very sweet, a little goofy but very lovable...
Valerie Cintron

Star Star
Mixed Breed
Star will be 10 years old in October. I have had her since she was 3 months old. She is very sweet and spoiled.. The attached pic is of her on her 9th Birthday with the doggie cake I made her.
Valerie Cintron

Zonk Zonk
My buddy.
Cary T

Rommel Rommel
Mini Wirehaired Dachshund. Very fiesty and very funny!
Dave S
Pennsylvania, USA Pennsylvania, USA

Lilly Bug Lilly Bug
Mixed Breed
Lilly Bug
She is a Miniature Pinscher/Pug mix.
Heather Williams
Indiana USA Indiana USA

Cyrano Cyrano
Labrador Retriever
My Cyrano was left at my home for dead...someone had cut his tail off and he was still bleeding when we found him in our garage so we took him in, cleaned him up, got him fixed and he's so spoiled now he has his own bedroom...he's my big baby.
M. Whitaker
Tennessee, USA Tennessee, USA

Hunter Von Kaspen Haus Hunter Von Kaspen Haus
Labrador Retriever
Hunter Von Kaspen Haus
Hunter loves the water as you can see.
Karen Smith
United States United States

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