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Chloe Chloe
Basset Hound
She is beautiful. She loves everybody. She thinks she runs the house. Her only bad habit is counter surfing.
Michelle M

Princess Princess
Poodle (Miniature)
She loves company and play with her toys.
Jury L
United States United States

Denver Denver
Labrador Retriever
This is Denver, the lab we have always wanted. He is an English lab who is currently being trained by his breeder, Elaine. We are looking forward to him coming home to us in June. He will share our home with Gracie and Austin from the Sheltie pages.
Bonnie Callahan

Anna Anna
Yorkshire Terrier
She is very stubborn. She likes to sleep and she likes to have alone time.
United States United States

Mandy Mandy
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Mandy is 1 and loves to run and play in the yard. She'll dig in the dirt every once in a while (as seen in picture!) She loves other dogs and is really sweet with kids and adults, too. She does NOT like riding in the car, though. She likes to stay at home. A very good dog.
AK More
Arkansas, USA Arkansas, USA

Daisy Daisy
American Staffordshire Terrier
This is Bruno's sister. We call her Daisy Duke and Piggly because she reminds us of a pig and obviously she makes no bones about making herself comfortable on OUR furniture either.
Angela Zigrand

Bruno Bruno
American Staffordshire Terrier
Bruno makes no bones about making himself comfortable on OUR furniture.
Angela Zigrand

Samatha Samatha
Samatha is 6 months old now she is a loving puppy and is always up to something, her worst habit is chewing up her blanket (just the puppy stage and needs to chew always). She was abandoned on a door step to let run into traffic and be killed, because the people 's landloard would not allow dogs, so I had to take her (heheheh). She is very smart and so strong it is unreal. My neighbor was in Iraq last year so I cared for his male rotty a lot when his wife had to go places, never knew how pleasing and gentle they could be, very smart!
Robert Barrentine
United States United States

Jax Jax
Miscellaneous Breed
Jax is a 2 yr old Rat terrier! He loves to go on car rides and play in the park!
Tracey Julian
Perryville USA Perryville USA

Lycos Lycos
Flat-Coated Retriever
"Lycos" is our first of 3 rescue dogs. A big Flatcoat, he is the best snuggler on cold nights because he is a little pudgy - not obese, but nice and mushy. We live in Alaska and it is sometimes hard to go outside for our usual long walks. Our second dog "Izzy" (previously named) a medium sized female Flatcoat mix is a high strung "girly ". The 3rd of our precious little doggys was just adopted yesterday, and as of yet, has no name. He is a miniature poodle and is why I am searching the internet for a name and a haircut for him. I found this site during my search and it has been a big help so far.
Robin Sanchez

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