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Ronja Von Kaspen Haus Ronja Von Kaspen Haus
German Shepherd Dog
Ronja Von Kaspen Haus
Ronja is a 6 month old puppy out of my female Mia Van Meerhout and a Memphis Police Department dog gotan V.D. Lage Vaert.
Karen Smith
United States United States

Remy Remy
Boston Terrier
This is my girl Remy...she's a year and a half old...and SPOILED ROTTEN!!

Honey Bear Honey Bear
Alaskan Malamute
Honey Bear
Honey is 11 months old and she has the crazys personally! She is the funniest dog and is very great with my 3month old son. She walks up to him all the time and gives him kisses and watches over him!
Hollie Mulligan
United States United States

Deuce Deuce
Australian Shepherd
Deuce is a loving, gentle, friendly Aussie. He is 1 year old and my 2 year old sons best friend. Deuce is very laid back, and easy to get along with.
Jenn Voss

Buddy Buddy
Basset Hound
He's smart when he wants to be. Most of the time he does what he wants and doesn't care if you like it or not.
K Stringer

Chen Po Chen Po
Chen Po
Chen Po was attacked when he was only 8 weeks old by a large dog and abandoned by his owners. Luckily, we found him and took care of him. He is such a tough fearless dog, he makes our home complete.
S Dowoning

Chi-Chi Levinson Chi-Chi Levinson
Chi-Chi Levinson
Chi-Chi is 6 years old (June 11,2006). She loves toys that squeak, loves to walk by the Chattahoochee River, LOVES dog treats and baby carrots, and would win the barking contest if there was one. She thinks she is a BIG DOG and her favorite friends are named Gage and Trouble. They are both Retrievers. She is a loyal companion and a wonderful friend.
Chi-Chi Levinson

Maya Jessee & Rottie Maya Jessee & Rottie
Yorkshire Terrier
Maya Jessee & Rottie
Mom Jessee with daughter Maya and son Rottie.
Jacquelyn Skowbo

Maxwell Maxwell
Labrador Retriever
The last time he was lil now he is even more handsome!!! We Love him... he is the most wonderful dog we have ever had... he is our lil human with fur!!!! p.s. he is great with Rocky our new addition!!!
Vun Somogy
Ohio, USA Ohio, USA

Rocky Rocky
Jack Russell Terrier
I would like to share our new addition to the family... ROCKSTAR!!! He is a survivor of parvo... he is now 6mo and we love him so very much!!!
Vun Somogy
Ohio, USA Ohio, USA

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