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Chandler Chandler
Shih Tzu
Chandler is THE MAN! The most wonderful buddy!
Sharon Laduca

Yoshi Yoshi
Yoshi is 7 weeks old, and is the sweetest puppy! We got him from a breeder that took poor care of him, so he stole our hearts from day 1. We are happy to say that he is now in great health and very happy!
Kenneth Scheller
U.S.A. U.S.A.

Chase And Lucy Chase And Lucy
Chase And Lucy
Chase is a year and a half old. We thougt he needed a friend so we let him pick out his own puppy. He chose Lucy! Lucy is now five months old. They really do love each other!
Emily F.

Famous Amos Moses Famous Amos Moses
Famous Amos Moses
10 months old, 92 pounds and growing this photo of Amos from the back will give you a better idea of the size of this monster. Amos is the best AMER/ENG Bulldog mix on the Earth! We love him, yes even when he is WILD! Quick, hide the laser light!
R.J. Bennett

Jackson And Shortdog Jackson And Shortdog
German Shepherd Dog
Jackson And Shortdog
Jackson- 10 month old German Shepherd. Loves to play. Is my best friend. Shortdog- 10 year old dachshund. I LOVE him.
Emily Davis

Roky Roky
Lhasa Apso
Roky is a great dog, he enjoys walks and playing with kids.. We found Roky around our neighborhood about 5 years ago.. nobody claimed him and decide to keep him. Hes our love and joy!!
Gabby P
usa usa

Bambi &Pandora Bambi &Pandora
Mixed Breed
Bambi &Pandora
Bambi is sweet and shy and her sister Pandora is fearless and mischievous. Both are great and good natured pups and very smart. They are part Rodesian Ridgeback, Lab and Golden. May also be German Shepherd, but either way they are great and very smart.
Dana Dinsmore Jr
New Hampshire, USA New Hampshire, USA

Lucky Lucky
Alaskan Malamute
this is my baby dog i bouth for my son brithday her name is lucky she very happy dog and love kids she very smart dog alway lising and learn what ever if i traing her only one time this is the first dog i have may be im lucky find the right dog i love her very much
Thanh Duong
usa usa

Fluffy Fluffy
American Eskimo Dog
She is a loveable little fluff-ball.
Kala A

Bella and Bud are the best of friends. They are my children. There is no better way to lift a bad day then the wiggle of a boxers back end they give you their all!
Mary A

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