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Thumper Thumper
Thumper is six months old and weighs three pounds. He is a beautiful, even tempered little dog and loves everyone!
Ellen Coleman
U.S.A. U.S.A.

Max Patterson Max Patterson
West Highland White Terrier
Max Patterson
My dog is a Coton de Tuleur. The breed originates in Madagascar. He is an awesome dog. He loves being with children, Doesnt bark unless someone is wrestling or if the doorbell rings. He loves to go bye bye. Very intelligent dog.
Luisa Patterson

Abby Abby
English Springer Spaniel
She is full of energy! Very loving!
Megan Packard

Rio Rio
Shetland Sheepdog
Rio is the besttt! -BRitT & CouRT
Brittany G

Cowboy :) - German Shorthaired Pointer Cowboy :) - German Shorthaired Pointer
German Shorthaired Pointer
Cowboy :) - German Shorthaired Pointer
My dog cowboy, is great! he goes with me everywhere. He loves to go buh-bye, and play in the creek. I had never really thought about having a pointer till i got him as present, and now i couldnt imagine not having him. He is great protection from strangers, and when living on a ranch you need a dog who lets you no when some thing is wrong, and he always does.! These are the best dogs!
Kelly Hickman
U.S of A U.S of A

Amazing Ally Amazing Ally
American Eskimo Dog
Amazing Ally
My wonderful Ally is the sweetest of dogs. She has such a gentle spirit. She has many health problems and was given only a couple of years to live, she turns 9 soon and makes my heart smile every day.
T Star

Ruff Ruff
German Shepherd Dog
this is my dog Ruff he is a GSD he is about 5 years old and is a dog that loves to play we have had him for a good 2-3 years now when i first met him he tried to bite me but lucky he was on the chain and after he had got to know me he has been a great dog he just loves the family members and really is angry at strangers the thing i like about him is that Ruff does not let any one come in the house at night because what happened once heres a little story well once I came back from my friends house one night my brother had already opened him and he did not WARN me that he was open and as soon as I came in he ran straight for me and bit me (ow) because of this I had to have 14 injections, but apart from this we love our dog hes our boy
Jamie Walton

Lucy Lucy
Basset Hound
Lucy is a very loving and energetic part of our family. She is 7 months old. Lucy loves to chase the kids around the yard and howl at her 2 feline house mates. She really loves her fuzzy baby buddy toy which she will carry around with her when she wants to play. Lucy is very vocal when she gets excited.
Scott And Natalie D.

Famous Amos Moses Famous Amos Moses
Famous Amos Moses
Amos is the strongest Bulldog on planet Earth! He is also the nicest and the friendliest big boy! Watch out for the slobber though! Just say, "Big Boy Wipe. " He will bow his head for you and let you clean him up for that big fat kiss, nose kiss and big boy hug! We love our Amos, can you tell?
Rj Bennett

Flash Flash
He is so cute and cuddly.
Mm Williams

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