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Champy Champy
Mixed Breed
I rescued Champ from a very abusive situation. He was being beaten and tied up to a tree for days on end, often with no food or water nearby. At first he was very scared of everyone but with lots of love, care and good food he is now doing great and has become everyone's best friend. He is the love of my life and I have never met a more gentle or sweet animal. He is my baby!
Mandy C.

Woody on the Hammock Woody on the Hammock
Woody on the Hammock
Woody is a very soft and cuddly 7 year old dalmatian. He loves attention and being held. Though he was the runt in his litter years ago, he now dominates the house and the other dogs.

Sam Sam
Mixed Breed
Not Forgotten
Sam was a great and sweet dog and he LOVED to run outside. He was a goldendoodle. We have recently bought another goldendoodle puppy named Mandy.
Molly G

Mandy Mandy
Mixed Breed
This is mandy, she is a goldendoodle. she loves to be held all the time. And loves to be outside to run and play.
Molly G

Coconut Coconut
West Highland White Terrier
Coconut is a fun-loving dog. His interests include chasing squirrels, rabbits, cats, and birds. He deeply enjoys getting a bath and playing in water. He spends most of his days basking in the sun by the front door or perched on top of the couch sleeping. His name definitely fits him, he is a nut!
Becca Levesque

Luke Luke
Labrador Retriever
Luke is a black labrador retriever and he is so pretty and he is also really smart.
Kate Koenig

Gabby Gabby
Bichon Frise
Gabby is very playful. She loves going on walks and she likes to explore.
Carol K.
America America

Duke Duke
American Staffordshire Terrier
Duke (The Dukester) is almost 2.. a cross between a dopey baby and smartypants! Loves to ride, go for walks, play in the creek, chase the other dogs and cuddle with the kids! We can't get enough of him! Ain't he so vicious!
Dave Sovocool
New York, USA New York, USA

Daisy Daisy
Daisy is a 4 year old female beagle. She was abused as a puppy, and we bought her at a dog shelter in around Canton, Ohio. She loves to try and hunt with our male beagle! She loves children and to play.
Amanda Smitley
United States United States

Nikki And Ally Nikki And Ally
American Eskimo Dog
Nikki And Ally
This beautiful girl is my Nikki. She turns 14 soon and you would hardly believe it watching her run and leap like a puppy. Her attitude shows age at times... haha Nikki loves to run on the beach and dig in the sand, and even if I put on a bandanna she always carries herself like a lady. She has been a joy in my life. She shares her time with her adopted sister Ally, who will soon be 9. We three girls make our home a happy place.
T Meyer

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