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Ask Zena - Zena answersz your dog questionz

Ask Zena your dog-related questions

When Zena and her dog Zippy aren't going for walks, they're hard at work answering your dog-related questions.

Go ahead and submit your question today, and who knows - when Zena comes back from her walk she might just answer your question.

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Zena answers your questions

I am contemplating adopting a Great Pyrenees/ Labrador mix from a local animal shelter. I'm aware they are quite large, but most people I've spoken to don't know what kind of temperament they have or space requirements. Is the Great Pyrenees/Labrador a good house dog?

Rich (Louisiana, USA)


Zena answers your questions

I have a 5 month old Black Labrador and my mother says something is wrong with him because he does not "hike" his leg to urinate. I think he is still too young. At about what age will he quit squatting and start "hiking" his leg?
Thank you

Labrador owner (Ohio, USA)


Zena answers your questions

Our dog Buster is an 8-month-old Chocolate Labrador. Lately he has been going nuts chasing shadows; his shadow and our shadows. Is this a puppy phase? Will he grow out of chasing his shadow?

Thank you.

Worried dog owner (Oklahoma, USA)


Zena answers your questions

Why does my three month old puppy sleep all day and play all night and keep me awake? I tried to keep her up all day so she would sleep at night, but it doesn't work. What should I do?

Courtney (Leoville, Saskatchewan)


Zena answers your questions

My brother and I live in the same house, and we are both considering getting a dog. I have ordered a Golden Retriever and he is planning on doing the same. I have read that one should not have 2 puppies in the same house at the same time because they will become each other's companions instead of ours. Is getting two puppies at the same time a problem and what can I do about it?

Daryl (Pennsylvania, USA)


Zena answers your questions

I am trying to train my two Basset Hound puppies to walk with a leash. They scream and fight the whole time we go for a walk. I want to keep them from digging my carpet and yard. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

Steve (California, USA)


Zena answers your questions

My dog does not like to have his feet touched. Even when he "shakes hands," he barely taps my hand. Now, when someone comes close to his paws, he runs away. What can I do about this?

J. Lyons (Georgia, USA)


Zena answers your questions

My Beagle has recently started eating cat and dog poop. I clean the backyard the best that I can, however it is easy to miss a pile with our bark, mulch, etc. I need to know how to stop him from doing this behaviour.


Anonomous (Lake Mary Florida)


Zena answers your questions

What is the life span of a German Shepherd?

Marshall Faulk (St. Louis)


Zena answers your questions

How long does a female stay in heat?

Eric G. (USA)



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