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George George
Scottish Terrier
Georgie is my youngest dog out of three. Although he is four, to me he is still a puppy. He loves to snuggle and chase balls.
Massachussets, Usa Massachussets, Usa

Max Max
Max was part of a puppy mill before we rescued him. He is missing his right eye and is blind in his left eye. Max loves his toys and he knows where all of them are. If he ever left home he would need a trailer for his stuff. I love Max, can you tell?
Laura Tilling
Usa Usa

Bogey Bogey
bogey is my baby. he is almost a year and loves to play - and stand on his back legs.
Jennifer C
Usa Usa

Zoey (Zoe Bird) Zoey (Zoe Bird)
Golden Retriever
Zoey (Zoe Bird)
Zoey in other words, "Zoe Bird" is probably the best dog I have had. She loves swimming, and she flys when she jumps, hints to "Zoe Bird." She's 1 1/2 years old, and is tiny for her size only 45.2lbs! But pure Golden and pure heart! Shes champion bloodline and has just been an amazing dog for me, I couldn't ask for another better dog, she always can put a smile on my face!
Kristin R
Usa Usa

Max (Cockapoo) Max (Cockapoo)
Mixed Breed
Max (Cockapoo)
Max is a calm peaceful dog (except when he's playing). He's about 9 months old. Some of his well renoun nicknames are garbage man, (he steels from all garbages) maxsush, maxy boy, sweat tart, and dumbo the great (only people which hate ogs call him that! He hates all dog food except for Iams puppy formula. Water is not his best friend. Whenever he's scared he comes runnin to his mama (me). He's so ADORABLE!
Ally Karna
Usa Usa

Philip And Michael Philip And Michael
Mixed Breed
Philip And Michael
Phil and Mike are brothers and both are Maltese and Poodle. They were 1 years old on 2/23/07 and a handful. If I leave them they get into everything. Torn papers, the mat under our carpet, remotes, chairs, you name it. Are they loved? You bet! We are just waiting for the moment when they calm down. We were told they would be around 8 lbs but Michael is now 13. Phil is the baby at 9. They do love to cuddle and are the best until left a lone.
Debby Debby
Usa Usa

Sugarlocks Sugarlocks
princess sugarlocks will be two in june 2007. her favorite game is hide and seek. pastime she likes to watch birds and chase squirels, and going to the park. she loves ice cream and pig ears, she also loves going to her grams house and playing with laci, her pomeranian cousin. and she lives up her to name...she loves to give you sugar kisses!
Melanie Presley
Usa Usa

Hunter Hunter
Labrador Retriever
Hunter is 2 months and already pushing 25 to 30 pounds his dad was 100lbs and his mom was 80-90lbs his feet spread apart when he walks he is getting to be a big boy! I was looking in the paper for a puppy and I found this ad that said lab puppies purebred parents on site 6 weeks and however much they were but I went over there to the mans house with my parents and they were all chocolate puppies (NOT REAL CHOCOLATE YOU CAN EAT!!!!) and I had one puppy that picked me but too bad she was a girl my mom wanted a boy then I seen this cute little guy in the corner and I took him out to play and he got used to me and that was my best choice since well.........Cinnamon! but now he is home playing having fun just being a normal puppy I have just gotten Hunter today 3/1/07
Ashley L
Usa Usa

Romeo Romeo
Shih Tzu
romeo is loving, bright and the best dog anyone could possibly want. a true best friend. Our love for romeo goes far beyond words.
Toni Vitale
Usa Usa

Sparky Sparky
West Highland White Terrier
sparky is a 10 yr old ball of energy. we rescued him from a household that was not very concerned with his needs. in just a weeks time after a vet visit he was the happy little guy you see here. he will be a great companion for my brother who is fighting cancer.
Usa Usa

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