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Annie Faye Balcom Annie Faye Balcom
Mixed Breed
Annie Faye Balcom
She is a walker/blue tick/ gray hound mix. She knows how to dance, loves music, loves christmas, She knows a few tricks. She is my best friend. She loves chicken and pork chops. She has a brown face with black and brown spots and she loves to hit the road and go bye bye. And she loves her picture taken. She gets jealouse if i walk over to my mom sit down and starts talking, she walks over sits down in the middle of us cause she's jealouse. She loves to be pamperd!
Aaliyah Balcom
United States United States

Duncan Duncan
Golden Retriever
Our Beautiful Boy!
Usa Usa

Jezebel Jezebel
Lhasa Apso
my baby is going on 10 years old in august of this year.
Angela Smith
Usa Usa

Teddy Teddy
Mixed Breed
Teddy is a 4 month old Shorkie that loves to play.
United States United States

Rex Rex
Shetland Sheepdog
Rex is our 10-month old pride and joy. He fills our lives with happiness and love and keeps us positive during the hardest of times. We don't know what we'd do without him. He is our pride, joy, and love...our angel.
Dave Hambro
Usa Usa

Mercedes Mercedes
Mercedes loves to be one of the kids! She is a true joy to have in our lives, we would not complete without her!
Tamara A.
Indiana, Usa Indiana, Usa

Rebel Rebel
Chow Chow
This is my Rebel when he was a baby. My 16-year-old shih-tzu had just passed away, and I was heartbroken. Rebel showed up on a friend's front porch--part of a litter of strays. I was just going to take him for the weekend, but within an hour I knew he was mine forever. I'm crazy about him! and the other two I've picked up since him. We're one big happy dog family!
Amy Holt
Usa Usa

Clementine Clementine
My precious doggie Clementine just turned a year old! She loves to chase cats, chew on my shoes, and gives lots of kisses.
Anna G.
Usa Usa

Charlie Charlie
Golden Retriever
Charlie is 3 months old. He loves to fetch his duck and loves to tug. He is very sweet and is a fast learner.
Usa Usa

Girl Girl
American Cocker Spaniel
Girl loves to chew on stuff,cuddle with you, and play with our kittens. She barks at anyone who does'nt live in our house
Rachel Bauer
Usa Usa

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