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Wrinkles Wrinkles
Chinese Shar-Pei
well my dog is the best baby in the world,. she is loved much. she is very healthy, and she will probably survive another 5-7 years with us. She is 5 right now. she'll be 6 in june. i love her so much and thought everyone should be able to see my dog.
Megan M
Us Us

Odin Odin
Labrador Retriever
My dog is a seeingeye puppy in training, we take him to wal-mart, Dollar Tree and other stores. He is so cute and lovable! He loves to play,swim and EAT!! He has a realy cute toy it is a dog binky and he carries it in his mouth and sucks on it! Odin loves people! He is 16 months now but when Odin is about 18 months he will go back to the seeingeye and be trained for a Blind person! I hope he makes it! He is the best dog in the world!
Knt Knt
Usa Usa

Rico Rico
Toy Fox Terrier
My dog is so loving and loyal! I don't know what I would do without him!
Les Subrick
United States United States

Puchi Puchi
Puchi's nickname is Pooch...Also, Bad A**-cause he's a real character. He's also VERY spoiled!
Tracy Wilkins
Texas Usa Texas Usa

Dolly And Franklin Dolly And Franklin
Dolly And Franklin
Dolly is a 2 year old Weimaraner, named after Dolly Parton. Franklin is a 3 year old Dachschund. They were celebrating Franklin's birthday here in March 2007! They are best of friends, and play tug of war together, eat each others' food, and sleep in the same bed sometimes!
Rob Gutro
Usa Usa

Bruiser Bruiser
Mixed Breed
He is very playful. He jumps over baby gates that are 3 feet tall to get to where I am. He's part Chihuahua, part Pug. Very strong pup for his breed. Only 9 mos. old.
Keith King
Usa Usa

Rogan Rogan
Labrador Retriever
He is a wonderful dog, who has the face of a puppy. He is a wonderful companion. He loves to have his picture taken!
Brian T
Usa Usa

Butterscotch Butterscotch
American Cocker Spaniel
She is cute, fun and active!
Julie Latouche
Usa Usa

Maylia Maylia
my son bought maylia for me for christmas 3 years ago, what a blessing. my husband was oversea's & maylia sure helped me through the lonelyness
Dawn Shaffer
Usa Usa

Beau Beau
Boston Terrier
Beau was born on December 24, 2006, our Christmas baby! He is the sweetest puppy. Who couldn't love that face?
Aimee Moss
Usa Usa

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