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Frosty Frosty
American Eskimo Dog
My name is Frosty and I was 10 years old in October. I have been spoiled rotten by Mom over the years. I have a new playmate at home. Her name is Sadie and you can find her under the Shih Tzu section. At first we did not get along, and I was upset, but now we are buddies for life.
Cathy Daum
Usa Usa

Katie Katie
Mixed Breed
She was adopted from a shelter and is the cutest thing ever.
Tara Mcdivitt
Usa Usa

My Buddy Rico My Buddy Rico
Miscellaneous Breed
My Buddy Rico
My dog is a rat terrier and is so adorable and so smart. He is my pride and joy!
Les Subrick
Usa Usa

Lancey Lancey
Mixed Breed
Lancey is a mutt, that's why I didn't give her a breed name. Though she is said to be a German Shepherd mix. She likes to eat, and sleep, and play (alot). She likes bacon. =P That's all about Lancey-girl!
Usa Usa

Maggy Bear Maggy Bear
Saint Bernard
Maggy Bear
This is Maggy, our first Saint and she is. She is so gentile and sweet. She loves sitting with her daddy and laying on her mommy. She loves when it snows and throwing the ball. She loves bringing in rocks and digging holes. We love her...she will always be our first baby.
Kristin And Bill Oettinger
Pennsylvania, Usa Pennsylvania, Usa

Princess Princess
This is Princess and believe me, she thinks she is royalty. She is 4 years old and yes..she does like dressing up. What Princess doesn't?
Usa Usa

Sadie Sadie
Labrador Retriever
Sadie is a chocolate lab/retriever. 8 weeks old. Nibbles on everything. Loves to sleep. She cries when she can't see me. The funny thing is that she runs between my legs when new people are around.
Andrew Seymour
Usa Usa

Mocha Mocha
Labrador Retriever
This is my lab Mocha. She is 2 years old. She is the best dog I've ever had.
Carly Morrow
West Vriginia West Vriginia

Barkley Barkley
Shih Tzu
He is the best thing i have ever had he is 2 years old
Taylor Specht

Chelsea Chelsea
English Springer Spaniel
Not Forgotten
She was our sweetheart. She recently passed away but she will always be in our hearts. Her brothers, KODI AND SPARKY, miss her very much. She was the alpha dog.. the big momma. She was a little overweight and loved food. I snuck her cheese and eggs all of the time. She is such a beauty!
Rachel K
Ohio, Usa Ohio, Usa

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