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Molli Molli
Border Collie
iam a tug boat captain in montreal and my molli is on board all the time with me
Pete Mulder

Ozzi in the woods near our house Ozzi in the woods near our house
Border Collie
Ozzi in the woods near our house
Ozzi is about 5yrs old, is a Rescue dog and he just loves life. Anything new to try and Ozzi is there.
Sue Purnell
Kent Kent

Tuck Tuck
Border Collie
my dog is a border collie he loves herding we have these 2 month old chicks and he just runs around herding them they also love runnning so if you want one make sure they have plenty of room and there not really a kid dog
Jean Lindell
wa usa wa usa

Laika Laika
Border Collie
Our Border Collie is the most loving dog I have ever lived with. She listens well and enjoys her training. This is a breed of dog that you will have fun doing anything with.
Rachel P.
Georgia, USA Georgia, USA

Daisy Daisy
Border Collie
Introducing the clown, jumping, licker facer DAISY DOODLES!
Emily H
Helena,MT,USA Helena,MT,USA

Sammie And Friends Sammie And Friends
Border Collie
Sammie And Friends
Rescued at age 4 -- very loving and smart!
Dogs And Cats Ss
Colorado, USA Colorado, USA

Axle Axle
Border Collie
A great spirit.
Dianne Brown
Iowa, USA Iowa, USA

Daisy Patches Daisy Patches
Border Collie
Daisy Patches
Introducing a high-jumping, bubble-popping, excited, energetic clown--Daisy!
Emily H
Montana Montana

Meg Meg
Border Collie
Cute'n cuddly
England England

Smokey Joe Smokey Joe
Border Collie
Smokey Joe
Smokey Joe is my purebred fully white border collie. He has a lovable personality. He knows the following tricks: sit, lye down, shake, roll over, crawl, stay, come, kiss, jump up, and into bed. I have taught Smokey Joe with positive training NOT negative. Smokey Joe is turning 2 this year. He loves getting his picture taken.
Australia Australia

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