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Lady Lady
Border Collie
Not Forgotten
Lady was a therapy dog in our local hospital for eight years and developed quite a fan club before her retirement. She left us at age 16 but will always be in our hearts.
Mary Ann B.
Usa Usa

Bottoms Up Bottoms Up
Border Collie
Bottoms Up
Ozzi is a Red/White Border Collie Rescue dog and is about 2 years old he competes in Obedience and gained his first placing this year. He was found in London at 10 months old as a stray. He is a very special little dog and we love him very much.
Susan Purnell
England England

Dolly Dolly
Border Collie
3 yr old border collie, exceptionally sweet and affectionate. She loves to herd and chase her brother, Slim.

Daisy Mae Daisy Mae
Border Collie
Daisy Mae
She is so cute and sweet! You would be lucky to have her. She is very well trained, and nows some tricks too! This is the same dog as the other Daisy with my name, but this is a better picture!
Rachael P.

Milly Milly
Border Collie
milly is a black and white border collie. milly is the fastest of all of our dogs. she eats anything. we have to lock her up when we petsit. she and zack are always fighting over me.
Anna Gardner
australia australia

Ojobo Ojobo
Border Collie
Ojobo takes a break from his busy schedule at doggy day care.
Jennifer F

Linda Linda
Border Collie
This pretty girl is 2 1/2 years old, she is a really nice dog, always loyal, and she loves to play with kids.......
Valeria Alarcón
Chile Chile

Bess Bess
Border Collie
Not Forgotten
This beautiful dog belonged to my mom and dad although she spent her last year with me. She also came to me when they went away on holiday if she couldn't go with them. It was heart breaking when she had to be put to sleep but I feel she sent Fergie to cheer me up.
Maxine Worrall
Britain Britain

Oreo Oreo
Border Collie
Oreo was given to me when my long haired poodle was stolen three years ago. He came to me as a puppy and has been pampered, he is my constant companion. He is loving and is very smart, he understands spanish and english as I use both. His spirit uplifts me when i am not feeling well. He seems to know just when i need the love the most. He is great cause he rounds my two cats and my uncle's chickens. He is great when it comes to the protection of the home and family. He loves to play and dance salsa with me. He jumps into my arms when the music plays. Sometimes it seems like he doesn't like to share me with anybody. I thank God I have him or maybe he has our family.
Iris Gonzalez
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico

Rufus Rufus
Border Collie
Rufus is sooo cute!!! But he has a bubble on his bum and I'm really worried about him and he goes to the vet tomorrow.
Bid MC
Canada Canada

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