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Diablo Diablo
Border Collie
Not Forgotten
Diablo was the best friend my new family had ever had. He adopted me when I moved in with them and fast became my best friend. He let me dress him and he went everywhere with me. At the age of 15 he had to leave this world and I went with Adam my boyfriend when we put him to rest. He looked at me for the last time and I knew with his eyes he was saying goodbye. This picture is what I imagine he is doing right now. Thank you.
saskatchewan saskatchewan

Buddy Buddy
Border Collie
Buddy is one year old and is a tri-coloured border collie. He is a very intelligent dog and loves a game of football and a run in the park. He is getting into agility training and is doing very well. He is the best dog EVER!
Chelsea Rowlands
Warwickshire, England Warwickshire, England

Buddy Buddy
Border Collie
Buddy is a year old border collie, he is tri coloured and is a very loving dog. He is very intelligent and loves a game of football and a run in the park
Chelsea Rowlands
england england

Ozzi Ozzi
Border Collie
Ozzi is about 4yrs old and a Rescue dog from Battersea in London. Ozzi works in Obedience, he has a lovely temperment and we think he is a dog in a million.
Sue Purnell
Maidstone,Kent Maidstone,Kent

Moko Moko
Border Collie
Moko is 8 months old here, and he is in training for agility! Our dream is to make to Nationals. He is very smart and loves his agility training!
Sarah M.
Ontario Ontario

Jacobi Jacobi
Border Collie
Jacobi is an amazing dog. His full name is Jacobi Van Faraway. We got him from a breeder, and were glad to have a tricolor bc. He knows over 12 tricks and is overall a great dog. Of course, from his breed, he's quite hyper and has received the name JitteryJacobi.
Amanda Sweeney
Mobile/Alabama Mobile/Alabama

Holly Holly
Border Collie
Holly is 8 weeks old and she loves her big sister (Bella). She is a tri border collie and she loves to nick your shoes and dig holes in the garden.
Vicky W
essex essex

Tucker Tucker
Border Collie
He loves to play and is an awesome dog. He also does cool tricks like play dead, bear, say please and other things.
Karlie C

Luna Luna
Border Collie
This is Luna, my six year old Border Collie. She got a bad case of the Coonhound virus at the age of six months old. She was paralysed for nearly three weeks but after intense physical therapy and recovery she was as good as new- except for her funny crookeD front legs. We even do agility with her and she loves it. She is quite a character and wins everybody over with her charms.
J. Saarloos
Netherlands, Europe Netherlands, Europe

'Elsa' Dunwurkn Jordy Girl 'Elsa' Dunwurkn Jordy Girl
Border Collie
'Elsa' Dunwurkn Jordy Girl
Elsa is the newest member of Jordyalan Kennels. She will be the new Dam in our kennel. She is totally adorable and anyone who meets her falls head over heals in love!
Wanda Ramsdell
Australia Australia

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