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Ted Ted
Labrador Retriever
cute boy
Maria Varghese
india india

Sam Sam
Labrador Retriever
sammy is very handsome
Ayush Gupta
mahratra india mahratra india

Bowie Bowie
Labrador Retriever
Bowie is a half English/Half American 90lb Yellow Lab. He recently turned 3 years old. He loves hiking up the mountain or trekking though the desert and he'll never pass up the opportunity to jump in any kind of water....be it a puddle in the street or the neighbor's pool!
Sherri Hultin
Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV

Leo Leo
Labrador Retriever
He is two and a half months old at present. He is a cute & naughty puppy. His name is Leo and his a male Labrador retriever. He is a wonderful pet. He likes his toys and treats. He likes eating enormously.
Subham Das
Assam, India Assam, India

Pepce Pepce
Labrador Retriever
my dog name is pepace it is black dog. and it is very butiful dog it folowd all thinghs............
Prakash Thakkar
gujrat, india gujrat, india

Icarium Icarium
Labrador Retriever
We brought home our lil bundle of Joy on Hallowen. Our lil boy Icarium is the love of our lives, we love him unconditionally. Our lil boy is blind and others seem to think that its a negative thing but we love him and treat him just like any other puppy except with extra loving. Icarium loves to play with his ball, and loves his stuffed toy Weiner Dog, but he absolutely loves running after his daddy.
Tina Dagley
100 100

Otis Otis
Labrador Retriever
Otis is a two and a half year old Chocolate Lab. His favorite things are swimming, hiking and playing in the waves at the Oregon Coast. He's friendly and patient and wants nothing more than to please people. His soulful eyes truly represent his personality. Otis is loved by all who meet him.
Tom Koop
Portland, OR Portland, OR

Baby Leone Baby Leone
Labrador Retriever
Baby Leone
Baby Leone is an extremely cute 3 month old Labrador Retriever. He is very naughty but pretends to be one of the most innocent puppy ever. This photo was taken when he was just 40 days old. I just love him and am proud to be called his mother.
Aditi Barkakati
New Delhi New Delhi

Scooby Scooby
Labrador Retriever
hi meet my dog"scooby". he is 2y old golden lab. lovable, foodish and good bhehaviour are some word's to describe my dog. he is extremly good with my nurshing patient's. scooby loves to play with "jenny" she is also 2y black female lab. he screfice everything for jenny. both are made for each other.
Dr Neelam Jha and Dr Hk Jha Jha
bailey road, nahar -khagual road, patna bailey road, nahar -khagual road, patna

Scooby Scooby
Labrador Retriever
hi, meet my dog "scooby". he is 2y old handsome, sexy, brave and lovable lab dog. his nature is very humane, he keep elegant behaviour with my nurshing patient. he love to eat food but he share his food with "jenny". she is also 2y old black female lab. scooby is waiting for playing with jenny hole day. when she not came he feel very sad and lonely. both pair are pairless and made for each other.
Dr.Neelam Jha & Dr H.K Jha Jha
niti nurshing home,bailey road,patna niti nurshing home,bailey road,patna

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