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Abigal Jane Abigal Jane
Labrador Retriever
Abigal Jane
Abby is 5yrs old lab. She came to me when I found out that I couldnt have children. She is the joy of my life. She has healed this heart of mine and others that she has touched. Her beloved side kick is a Black Lab named Lady Hope. Lady Hope is 4yrs old and also has the gift of healing a lonely heart. All you need to do is look into her eyes and then you will know you are loved. With both of these girls you will never feel alone. I see them as a gift from god. I never knew how beautiful the Lab really was until I got Abby.
Kat Laurent
Vermont.USA Vermont.USA

Buck Buck
Labrador Retriever
Buck is 10 years old and my best friend.
Karen Moores
Sedona Arizona Sedona Arizona

Heineken Heineken
Labrador Retriever
Heineken is an 11 month Black Lab and came into our family August of 2008. He has a brother named Pepsi and sister named Storm which are father and daughter and their breed is Schnauzer. Heineken loves to pester his sister Kitty, he loves the water and loves to play in his pool. Heineken loves to go for rides in the car and run in the park. Although as he was raised with smaller dogs he too thinks he is a small dog (lap dog) and does not like dogs his size or bigger.
Christina Reinhart
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Jack Jack
Labrador Retriever
Jack is an amazing dog! He has learned to get a soda out of the refrigerator, get the chips out of the cupboard, get the keys, get me a tissue when I say "Achoo", get my hat, and get my socks. Along with these funny tricks he has mastered all of his basic commands such as sit, stay, down, shake, roll over and come. He is a sweetheart who loves to cuddle up with you or just hang with you wherever you go!
Jennifer Harper
Florida Florida

Zoey Zoey
Labrador Retriever
Zoey is a very kind and loveable dog :)
Kathryn B
Wisconsin Wisconsin

Kimba Kimba
Labrador Retriever
Cute as
Belle .
Bundaberg QLD Bundaberg QLD

Honey Honey
Labrador Retriever
The joker
Tarryn Coopasamy
Kwa Zulu Natal Kwa Zulu Natal

Bella Bella
Labrador Retriever
Bella is a very smart dog.....she will get the remote control, the cell phone, shoes, or pretty much anything you ask her to get for you....she is very sweet.
Kas Kas
Michigan Michigan

Smokey Jo Smokey Jo
Labrador Retriever
Smokey Jo
Smokey Jo is a loving dog. He is a lightly tanned pure breed border collie. Smokey Jo knows many tricks and commands.
Queensland Queensland

Smokey Jo Smokey Jo
Labrador Retriever
Smokey Jo
Smokey Jo is an almost fully white pure breed border collie as he is lightly tanned in some places. He is a good boy and knows many tricks.
Jessica Spokes
Queensland Queensland

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