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Rookie Rookie
Labrador Retriever
Rookie is very nice and sweet.
Kristine Knief
Iowa Iowa

Holly and Barney Tie The Knot Holly and Barney Tie The Knot
Labrador Retriever
Holly and Barney Tie The Knot
Holly is a 6 year old chocolate labrador,and has had a litter of 6 pups with barney the other dog in the photo. we thought it was time they tied the knot,as they really do love one another,its really cute to see them together
Wendy Leale
united kingdom united kingdom

Bailey And Mocha Bailey And Mocha
Labrador Retriever
Bailey And Mocha
Bailey is a little over a year old, and her friend mocha is 9. They both love playing in the snow and running around the house.
Katie Cahall

Scratch Scratch
Labrador Retriever
Scratch is an awesome dog! Scratch actually saved my family in a gas leek! She has one son that we are aware of named Patrick. Patrick also lives with us. Scratch is very beautiful and kind, she always knows when your upset and she will comfort you when she knows that you are sad.
Mary P
Canada Canada

Camba Camba
Labrador Retriever
Camba is a sweet, naughty puppy. He loves pruning plants and swimming a lot!!!
Cristian G.
Argentina Argentina

Bonzo Bonzo
Labrador Retriever
Bonzo is very friendly and nice. He loves swimming and playing with his toys. In this pic he is trying to fix a pipeline!
Sandra G
Argentina Argentina

Abby And Tigeer Abby And Tigeer
Labrador Retriever
Abby And Tigeer
Abby is the queen of the house and pretends like she hates the cat. She was caught in the act of sharing the couch with her.
Stacia L
Wisconsin, USA Wisconsin, USA

Mobsters Mobsters
Labrador Retriever
Moby is the best dog anyone could ask for! He is always always on his best behavior, adores kids, and is a best friend to many. He likes to go to new places, meet new people and dogs, and most of all loves kisses and cuddles.
United States United States

Gallagerrr Gallagerrr
Labrador Retriever
Not Forgotten
He was a great dog! He was 13 years old when he died and helped raise me. lol. He was very laid back, and was a good gaurd dog. Gone...Not Forgotten. Galagerrr Jan 2 1994 - Aug 2 2007
Dakota Godfroy
Iowa, USA Iowa, USA

Bruno Bruno
Labrador Retriever
Bruno has 1.5 years and is a devoted companion and a cherished member of our family.
Deidy Chapa
Mexico Mexico

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