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Ooly Ooly
Not Forgotten
Ooly was our loving gentle giant. 130 beautiful pounds of "wanna be" lap dog. Here she is smiling, after a rare Winter sun bath and anytime belly rub, near one of her most frequented rose gardens. She succumbed to cancer on 22 July 2006.
K.K. G.
Usa Usa

Kele (Kay-Lee) Kele (Kay-Lee)
Kele (Kay-Lee)
This is Kele, we just got her today 11-15-06. She is about 5-6month old. The family we bought her from didn't know the exact age as they were selling for another person. So far today, she has bonded with Lee and is very gentle with our kids. We want to learn more on Rottweilers and hopefully give her a life she will be happy and enjoy. This is the type of dog we have been looking for and hope to raise her healthy and happy. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated, we will be taking to the vet for a good examination and shots.
Lee And Meri Hollingsworth
Usa Usa

Samantha Samantha
My First Rottweiler!I got her when she was just 8 weeks old. This is Sam at 8 months and almost 80lbs. Very playful and loving. The best thing that ever happened to me. She's my Pride and Joy!
Derek M

Emmit Emmit
Emmit is a fun loving, gentle, un-altered (still has his tail and all four dew claws, with the exception of neutering) Rottweiler puppy. At the time of this picture he was eight months old, and pushing ninety pounds. He is incredibly gentle with our new born baby. He has not shown any aggression with any other dogs or humans, and I would recommend Rottweilers to any one.
O. Boyle
Brooklyn, NY, USA Brooklyn, NY, USA

Roscoe Roscoe
Roscoe is a big Baby, He has alot of spunk to him loves to play and loves lotsssss of attention
Buddy & Tammy Morton
usa usa

Max Max
Andrei Zaharia
Romania Romania

Happy Happy
Happy was born on March 1st 2006. She is a gorgeous dog, she is very playful and always happy to see you.
Sezgin Güngör
Turkey Turkey

Nello Princess Sibyl a.k.a. Sadie Nello Princess Sibyl a.k.a. Sadie
Nello Princess Sibyl a.k.a. Sadie
In this pic, Sadie is 11 months old. She's a wonderful Rotty, very obedient and very smart too. She loves to play and loves alot getting cuddled!
Paul & Dee Bonello
Malta Malta

Tucker Tucker
Tucker is 1 1/2 years old and weighs 110lbs. He is the smartest dog I have ever had and the most gentle. He is very protective of his family, especially my 3 daughters.
Travis Wartluft

Amor Amor
my love, very big and handsome, smart but dangerous if you try to harm me or to my familly!
Dino Dzaferovic

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