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Snickers Snickers
Poodle (Toy)
snickers is a 4 month old toy poodle he is so great! he has brought a great joy to my life!
Rhonda S
usa usa

Louie Louie
Louie is a Cpl in the USMC stationed a Camp Lejune, NC. He is 2 years old.
Valorie Nash

Fritz Fritz
Miniature Schnauzer
Fritz is very spunky. His three favorite things to do are: 1 go outside, 2 eat treats, and 3 play with his toys. Fritz is also very affectionate. He loves to be held and petted. Fritz goes on many car rides and his owner likes to take pictures of his jouneys.
Sj Sj
Maryland, USA Maryland, USA

Trinket Trinket
Yorkshire Terrier
Trinket is just like my Kid, in fact she really is. She follows me from room to room. and keeps me in her site. She is a plump 4.5 pounds. 3 yrs old. Small, but thinks she can take on the world, esp. cats! She sits up and patti cakes for treats. i love her very much.
Karen Janovick

Big Oakley Big Oakley
Labrador Retriever
Big Oakley
My dog is 3 and loves cheese. Heloves making friends, and kids. Oakley always goes after your feet and legs. He also love digging holes, catching moles, and not squishing toads when he catchs them. I LOVE him!
Anna Sons

Princess Lollipop Princess Lollipop
Princess Lollipop
This is Princess Lollipop, my two year old Chihuahua. Lollipop is a very rare color called a "blue" Chihuahua. She loves to hang out with Casper the Amazing Pekingese (He is on the Pekingese page). Lollipop has been in parades and won second place for best dressed and won first place as smallest dog in a huge dog show. As you can see, Lollipop is glamorous and very photogenic, but she can be shy. I love to carry her around in her adorable purse. I LOVE MY LOLLIPOP!
Katie Kranking

Sippi Sippi
AlladdinsauSIPPIoussuwamanagic Jackson the third AKA Sippi, is the sweetest most loving darling,he is by my side every waking hour (and every sleeping hour) that he can be. He will wipe my tears if i cry and be happy just because i am.Unfortunately only i know it because of his evil and devious jelous side that my lucky husband gets to enjoy...
Kk King

Pood Luvy Pood Luvy
Mixed Breed
Pood Luvy
She is a 2 year old maltipoo with all the personality in the world. She is queen of the house and melts every guys heart. Her official name is Olivia Schnickerdoodle Walton Gillespy aka Princess Fuzzy Butt.
Barbie Gillespy

Dottie Dots Dottie Dots
Dottie Dots
Dottie is alot of fun to be with. She can be so CRAZY! She always makes me laugh. She does really funny things like chace bees and butterflies! She can give high five, speak, roll over, and all the basic tricks. I LOVE DOTTIE!
Katie Kranking

Lacy Lacy
Poodle (Miniature)
This is my amazing, five year old dog, Lacy. Lacy is truly amazing because she can play soccer! She dribbles the ball with her paws, she hits headers, she can gaurd anyone, and she can even be a goalie! She is a sporty dog and the coolest dog EVER! She is so much fun. Lacy can roll over, give high five, give double high five, shake, and the basic tricks. I LOVE MY LACY!
Katie Kranking

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