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Furby Furby
he is 5 years old. he has a girlfriend her name is lucy. he loves play outside. run everywhere.
Mary Matson
usa usa

Sugar Bear Sugar Bear
Saint Bernard
Sugar Bear
Well I was at the local pound hopinig to find a pit bull that was stolen from me When I came across Sugar. She was completly shaved, looking so miserable. everybody was looking at puppies and remarking,"oh thats to big of a dog" as they walk by to see the next puppy. So I ask a few questions and found out she was a owner relenquish do to neglect. and had been there for 5 days already and had 2 left before being youthinized. So I scrambled some money together and broght her home. She is absolutely wonderful I cant believe someone would hurt such a precious dog.
Gypsy V
Tucson, Az Tucson, Az

Duke And Daisy Duke And Daisy
Duke And Daisy
They are half sister and brother, have the same daddy. Are 10 and 9 weeks old
Steph Crowder

Red Red
Miniature Pinscher
red has a big heart in a little body.he can be mean at times but i know he just wants to play.he is a little bundle of joy.
Katie B
usa usa

Pinball Pinball
Border Collie
Not Forgotten
Pinball was my very best friend. Some of his favorite things to do was play soccer and frisbee in the backyard. We had a special bond that nobody could ever understand. He was the greatest dog I have ever owned. I just wish I could spend one more day with him. R.I.P Pinball, you will always be in my heart.
Chelsea B.

Clint Clint
German Shepherd Dog
Not Forgotten
Clint was my special friend and baby boy. Aside from looking very imposing at 113#, he was the most gentle animal I have ever known. He loved to play with kids and was very protective of his little brother, BudDude, a cat. It broke my heart to have to put him to sleep in March 2007, but he was wasting away from a very debilitating disease and could barely walk. Clint was an exceptional dog, he did not bark or dig and never tried to leave his yard. He would not eat his brother's food even when his own bowl was empty. I miss him, but I know that he is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. We will cross over together when the time comes.
Sande Piechotte

Butter Butter
Labrador Retriever
Butter is 10 years old and was diagnosed with diabetes last November. She has since lost her sight - but as you can see, she is still a loving and happy dog!
Rl G

Bella Bella
Bella is the best thing that happened to our family... We cant imagine life without her. She is sweet lovable and quite intelligent.. We just love all pugs because of her.
Jackie I

Mr. T-Bear Mr. T-Bear
Yorkshire Terrier
Mr. T-Bear
Mr. T-Bear is a Yorkie with an attitude and underbite, which makes him look like he is smiling all the time. He loves dog bones and treats. He is the love of my life.
Leona Broussard
St. Petersburg, Florida St. Petersburg, Florida

Charlotte Charlotte
Mixed Breed
Charolette is a Lab/Beagle/Shepard Mix. She is 5 months old and is very active. I brought her home for my children, 4 boys. They love this dog and she loves them. She is a shedder, but that is okay.
Austin, USA Austin, USA

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