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Trixie Trixie
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
I've always wanted a Corgi and Trixie has been a great addition to our home. She's cheerful, playful, and loveable. A true free spirit.
Brian Rockhill
Usa Usa

Teddybear Teddybear
he is the best buddy anyone can have. he brings sunshine to my life. i love him very much.
Jackie Ortiz
Usa Usa

Oscar Mayer Weiner Dog Johnson Oscar Mayer Weiner Dog Johnson
Oscar Mayer Weiner Dog Johnson
He is one year old and his birthday is january 12th 2006. He is long and he has a black stripe down his back going on to his tail so he looks like a fried hotdog. he loves squeeky toys and he has made very many human friends and some doggie friends. he is playful and nice but at times he is very very.
Meghan Johnson
Usa Usa

Dakota Skie Dakota Skie
Not Forgotten
Dakota Skie
I submitted a pic of Dakota before we found out that she had lymphoma cancer. She traveled on to the rainbow bridge on February 7, 2007. She was my baby and I will miss her very much. As long as I live I will never forget her smile.
Marlana Van Patten
Usa Usa

Wolfgang Wolfgang
Shih Tzu
Wolfgang thinks he is a vicious attack dog, the way he barks! Wow! Scary! He is really a spoiled little boy, he is only disguised as a dog.
Jennifer Drake
Usa Usa

Bubba Bubba
Boston Terrier
My little honey bunch sugar plum puppy in the umkin he is my sweety pie!! Very inntelegent and super darn cute!
Usa Usa

Peanut Peanut
Shih Tzu
Peanut makes me laugh everyday. She loves playing in the snow. Her favorite toy is "Meanie Kitty". Peanut is 4 years old but still very much a puppy. She is a very friendly dog, loves everyone.
Karen B.
Usa Usa

Charlotte Charlotte
very sweet, loves kids
Haley R
Usa Usa

Sergent Pepper-Jack Sergent Pepper-Jack
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Sergent Pepper-Jack
Also nicknamed Pony-Boy! Is a Bull Terrier Lab Mix, Awesome combo. Amazing Dog, A Loving new addition. Hes 8 mos old and in a league of his own, His ability to learn blows us all away. He was found gift to my family on 6-6 06, It was his destiny to be here with us! We love you so much Sergent Pepper-Jack Pony-Boy! always and Forever.
Usa Usa

Rascle Bojangles Rascle Bojangles
Mixed Breed
Rascle Bojangles
I adpoted him in june 2006. he was only 4-6 months old. i got him at the animal resuce league of iowa. he is so sweet, and is very obediant. i love him.
Lisa Davis
Usa Usa

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