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Sasha Sasha
Sasha has to be one of the kindest dogs you'll ever i mean EVER meet. I call Sasha my Merical baby, Because i was the the VERY first to pick out baby Sasha out of 50 PEOPLE!!! She was the ONLY girl and the ONLY blonde, So i had to pick fast! After that i saw her Grow, and Grow. Now into a Very Foxy woman, She is VERY sweet, she loves to cuddle. So much it kinda gets annoying. But you know, kids are kids ;). Sasha was born into a very trendy family, so she had to go along with the family, So here she is wearing Dresses, shirts, Polos, Bootys, and perls, i guess you can say, she is the spolied one. Some people would think that Chihuahua's HAVE to be the most annoying pet on earth. But in my point of veiw, they are the most wounderful pet. Yeah, i'll admite. they can be yappy, But they learn. I really recamend chihuahua's as a first pet. They are very Loyal, Indapendant, and somtimes picky, but you have to raise them RIGHT. And make sure that you give it time for the chihuahua to Love you. It doesint take long, but its worth it. Thank you for reading! ~SaShA and Me!
Elle G.
Usa Usa

Heidi Heidi
Labrador Retriever
Heidi just turned 3-yrs old & is the love our life. Like most labs, Heidi has a great disposition around children and old folks, and will do virtually anything for a "treat"....Heidi loves 1) Sticks 2) Food 3)Swimming.
Katherine Hilden
Usa Usa

Samson Samson
Chow Chow
Samson is a 8 week old Chow Chow. He is so cute and he's a defender and very hyper but we love him so much.
Dianna Isca
Usa Usa

My Polar Bear At Rest My Polar Bear At Rest
Great Pyrenees
My Polar Bear At Rest
I just got my dog a month ago this is his first photo at my house. He's cute isn't he?
Shelby W
United States Of America United States Of America

Maggie Maggie
Basset Hound
Maggie is a happy, fun loving dog. she lives like a dog on vacation. we spoil her with treats,toys,etc. we just got her from our neighbor, 2 years ago. it doesn't even seem like we've had her that long!
Alyssa Owens
Usa Usa

Sadie And Her Little Girls Sadie And Her Little Girls
Sadie And Her Little Girls
sadie gave birth on jan/22/07 two girls
Jeremy Carder
United States United States

Maggie Moo Maggie Moo
Labrador Retriever
Maggie Moo
another pic of the mooster! so caaauuute!
G Chabert
Louisiana Louisiana

Foxy Foxy
This is my pooch, Foxy. She is only 5 weeks old, and about the size of a baseball. There is no better smell in world, than that puppy aroma. I am already in love with my little girl.
Suzie Que
Usa Usa

Roxy Roxy
She is the joy of my life! She was so easy to train and a great friend.
Lesley Driscoll
Usa Usa

Miss Nala And Mr Chico Miss Nala And Mr Chico
Mixed Breed
Miss Nala And Mr Chico
Chico and Nala are of the same litter.They love to do everything together.Chico never eats until Nala is all done eating.Nala alwya lets Chico go outside first.Before they go to sleep the always give eachother a kiss.
Annastasia V
Nevada,Usa Nevada,Usa

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