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Diva Diva
Lhasa Apso
Diva is the cutest puppy ever. She is so wild she loves people and loves to play. She likes to dress up and be cute!!
Sarah Hardy
Philadelphia, Usa Philadelphia, Usa

Sable Sable
Sable is a very shy, but playful. She is a wonder additon to our family and for her to be long hair she doesn't shed as much as we thought she would.
Gary D
Usa Usa

Bruno Bruno
bruno is very playful, smart, and very protective. He loves the outdoors and thinks he is human.
Gary D
Usa Usa

Franki Franki
German Shepherd Dog
Franki is 8 months old in this photo. I saw a picture of his father and thought it was a grizzly bear! I'm sure he'll get alot bigger which means there will be more of him to love. He loves to play and socialize and keeps a watchful eye on us and the kids at all times. We're blessed to have him in our lives!
Kevin Newton
Usa Usa

Dollie Dollie
Dollie is 4 years old. Dollie is beautiful, loves every one and minds well. We live in a senior assisted living home and she brings happyness to everyone.
Don Thomas
Medford, Ore, Usa Medford, Ore, Usa

Pinky And Louie Pinky And Louie
Bichon Frise
Pinky And Louie
Picture is the mom, Pinky, and her first born, Louie. Since he was the only that survived the first litter, they are very close. This picture is one of their cuddly moments.
Jmr Metz
Usa Usa

Brandy Brandy
Labrador Retriever
Brandy is a very loving dog who loves swimming,fetching and just being my closest friend. The best dog in the world who doesn't realize she is a dog.
Karen Harris
Usa Usa

Dallas Dallas
Mixed Breed
Dallas the Goldendoodle
Josh Orenten
United States United States

Kaycee Kaycee
Norwegian Elkhound
This is Kaycee my little angel, she had a rough start when she was born her mother orphanded her and her 4 sisters, sadly only 2 made it but they are both doing well. She's such a good little girl, she loves to cuddle and explore the snow banks outside (her favorite thing).
Lena Antonia
Usa Usa

Pebbles And Harley Pebbles And Harley
Boston Terrier
Pebbles And Harley
Pebbles and Harley are one week apart and both girls. They love to play rough, but when the time comes to settle downt they love each other very much and this photo shows that!
Robyn B
United States United States

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