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Majik Majik
American Staffordshire Terrier
a pitbull full of energy, obedient, loving, protective, definetly a pitbull every apbt owner would adore.
J.M. Moses
United States Of America United States Of America

Foxy Lady Foxy Lady
Miniature Schnauzer
Foxy Lady
Foxy is the best! She's smart and sassy and she knows her name is true- she is a Foxy Lady! She's about 7 yrs old now, but she still loves to play and run and get dirty! She helps babysit Molly (our grandpuppy) and they are best friends.
Ada S
Usa Usa

Molly Molly
Mixed Breed
Molly is one year old, weighs 4.6 pounds and LOVES to get dressed up. She is very sweet and loves snuggling up in her fleece blanket. She loves grandma because she babysits her while mommy goes to work! How did we ever get along without her!
Carmen C
Usa Usa

Annabelle Annabelle
Miniature Schnauzer
Annabelle is a 6 pound full grown Schnauzer model. She always poses for the camera!
A. Choate
Usa Usa

Duchess Duchess
German Shepherd Dog
Duchess is a sweet companion and loves to come in the house!
Duchess Duchess
Tennessee Tennessee

Sandy Sandy
Boston Terrier
Sandy is a cute, sweet little girl who gives me so much joy. she cuddles with me and follows me everywhere.
Usa Usa

Brooks and Dunn Brooks and Dunn
Brooks and Dunn
This is Brooks and Dunn around 8 months old. We got them at 8 weeks. They are so spoiled. They love for us to play ball with them. When we can't play with them they play ball with each other. They are so crazy about us if we go ouside the fenced yard without them they stand at the fence and whine for us. We love them dearly.
Mary And J.T. Plaag
Usa Usa

Dexter Dexter
My dog, Dexter is the friendliest and happiest dog on earth. He has a great personality and he loves other pets and people alike.
Proxy Narohna
Hoboken, U S A Hoboken, U S A

Mini Mini
Miniature Schnauzer
Mini is the deal!
Gina & Paulette Bugasiff
Usa Usa

Bella Bella
Bella's first day
Trisha N
Usa Usa

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