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Harley & Lola Harley & Lola
Jack Russell Terrier
Harley & Lola
These are our dogs Harley and Lola.They both are 3 and a half years old. Harley is the sweetest dog ever even though she is a crazy kisser! Her favorite food is cherry pie, she ate a whole one by herself one day! Lola is the boss in our house. I call her my little roller derby queen! She's tough but she's the best at cuddling and snuggling. Lola is always hungry because she has epilepsy and her medicine causes her to be crazy hungry. We have to barricade any and all access to food or she would eat herself into oblivion! They are just the best dogs ever!
Jenny Lehman

Tito Tito
This is Tito, he is one of our two dogs. He loves to just lay around with his daddy and go to the beach with his little brother Vinnie, (our pug).
Kristie M

Baily-Byrd Baily-Byrd
My dog Baily-Byrd is a great dog althogh he can be a brat we love him vey much. We spoil him rotton he probley has about 50 toys or more and 20 outfits (that he dosent wear) So we know that his is the cuteist dog on the block!
Tanner Treiber
Kansas,USA Kansas,USA

Lily Lily
Labrador Retriever
Lily is a calm, obediant, cute, and plain old loveable. She makes people she hasn't met feel her love of humans!!!!!
Patrick J

dakota dakota
Belgian Malinois
dakota is s 11 monyh belgian malinois, who likes to play and run.
bill d
usa usa

Escapade's Sonic Boom 'Rocket' Escapade's Sonic Boom 'Rocket'
Australian Shepherd
Escapade's Sonic Boom 'Rocket'
Rocket is a lover boy!! He is a little hyper (but most aussies are). He has a favorite spot to be scratched and it is right behind the ears!! He competes in agility and is very good at it!!!!!!
United States of America United States of America

Daisy So Maisy 'Maisy' Daisy So Maisy 'Maisy'
Mixed Breed
Daisy So Maisy 'Maisy'
Maisy is a Pomeranian/Pembrooke Corgi mix. She is playful and wild and she sure loves her toys!!! She is the love of my life!!!!
United States of America United States of America

Luther & Leyna w/pal Trixie Luther & Leyna w/pal Trixie
German Shepherd Dog
Luther & Leyna w/pal Trixie
Here is Luther, Trixie & Leyna. Luther & Leyna are litter mates and are 8 months old.
Robert & Stephanie C

Buddy Buddy
Buddy is the sweetest boy in the world. He loves all women and children and is a little scared of men. He loves to cuddle and give so many kisses. We love him so much he is our son and best friend. He is 2 years old.
Melanie Dreckmeier
United States United States

Pepper Jack Pepper Jack
Poodle (Toy)
Pepper Jack
Pepper Jack is a Toy Poodle. He is 2 years old. He loves going bye-bye. He will not eat out of his food bowl, we have to feed him out of our hands. He knows how to sit,wave bye-bye,beg and shake with his right and left paw. He is very spoiled.
Terry Perkins

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