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Sweetie Sweetie
American Eskimo Dog
Sweetie is a sweat little girl who lives up to her name too much. Her favorite things to eat are all SWEETS!
L. J.
Oregon,USA Oregon,USA

Chloe Chloe
Yorkshire Terrier
My "mom" wants me to be a prissy inside dog but I am happiest when I can run and play in the grass... even if it is taller than I am!
Carolyn H.

Bella Bleu Bella Bleu
Yorkshire Terrier
Bella Bleu
Hi Friends! I'm Bella, my family calls me "Bell-Bea", my sis Lexi and I are two of the luckiest girls in the world! We have a great family who loves us and spoils us silly!! Bye for now friends! Love, Bella
Kami Hambek
United States of America United States of America

Aexis Fiona Faith Aexis Fiona Faith
Yorkshire Terrier
Aexis Fiona Faith
Hi friends! My name is Lexi! My family calls me Lexi-Poo! My family loves my sister, Bella and I sooo much! Mom & Dad say we're smart & sweet and oh so lovable!! We say we're the lucky ones! Thank you mom for sharing my pretty picture...Bye friends!
Kami Hambek
United States of America United States of America

Star and Sparky Star and Sparky
Mixed Breed
Star and Sparky
This picture is of star (on the right) at her 7th b-day party, with her uncle sparky (Bischon). Enjoying her birthday cake. Uncle sparky is 2 years old in this picture&.lol
David Perez

Polly Jeanne Polly Jeanne
Basset Hound
Polly Jeanne
What can I say, She is the sweetest dog i ever owned. She can also be an escape artist,clown and con artist.She is also spoiled rotten.
Jo Morrison

Sofia Ann Safer Sofia Ann Safer
Shetland Sheepdog
Sofia Ann Safer
My dog is kind, sweet, playful, has a lot of energy, and is a great friend, even though she is a dog.
Hannah Joplin

Lucy Lucy
Lucy is a two year old Teacup Chihuahua.
Tiffany Williams

Taffy Taffy
Golden Retriever
Taffy is a very fiesty male golden retriever puppy. He loves people and pulls on the leash to go to peoples houses when we go on walks even if we have never been there before. He is very friendly with other dogs and plays every day with his doggie friend Micah. Micah is a very loving Norwegian Elk Hound. Taffy loves playing with her and hates to leave.
Hannah Faidley
United States United States

Libby and Molly Paulsen aka; 'the girls' Libby and Molly Paulsen aka; 'the girls'
Libby and Molly Paulsen aka; 'the girls'
Miss Libby is a 4 year old smooth black and tan mini doxie, and Miss Molly is a 3 year old black and tan hard wire haired mini doxie. They are such special girls to my husband and I. They are always there to greet us when we come home, and they are loving lap dogs!! Their hobbies when we let them out to play is chasing the squirrels that venture into our yard, and it's a sad day for any snake that shows its' face around these two "badger dogs". My life would be quite dull without them as our kids have all left home. Now I busy myself with making their favorite peanut butter dog biscuits, and liver treats. I am a doxie lover through and through!!
Melodee Paulsen Doxie Lover from Nebraska

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