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Daisy Daisy
Daisy is 3yrs old, She is the best. She like to just sit on your lap,60LBS Yes sit on your lap.And she loves car rides.
Angie Schuhbauer
New York New York

Boo Boo & Patches Boo Boo & Patches
Boo Boo & Patches
Both my dogs are rescues. I love them with all my heart & they to are like my childern just like my son. My son sleeps with both of them every night & it makes me feel safe with them around cause they show constently that they would give their lives for us. My son is only 7 & his best 2 friends in the world are these 2 boxers. My male is fawn & white, my female is white with a brown patch over her eye & little patches on her ears. She came to us first. She is 5, my male is 3. If I had to rescue them from the pound all over again, I would in a heart beat.
Bianca Holden
U.S.A. U.S.A.

Tess Tess
Siberian Husky
This is Tess! She is probably the sweetest and best behaved dog I have ever had or met! She loves all animals (yes, even our cats) and adores children. Her tolerance and patience threshold is higher than many animals and even people! Tess has no desire to be an alpha dog, and is quite content to allow anyone (even the cats) to lead! If a cat decides to sleep on her bed, she won't even attempt to reclaim it, and will lay down on the floor. She is a rescue (believe it or not) from the humane society and is such a wonderful addition to our home and family! She has truly enriched our lives and continues to endear herself to our hearts!
Stacy P.
Florida, US Florida, US

Weston Weston
What a lover!
Kelly Hite
Nashville, TN Nashville, TN

Princess Jolie Noir Princess Jolie Noir
Miniature Schnauzer
Princess Jolie Noir
Jolie's truly a princess, as all the girls in our family. She celebrated her first birthday with a party, complete with doggie cake, presents, and family pups! She loves giving hugs by the command of tapping our chest, and plays tug-o-war on our daughters' hair! :0)~
Mimi Besse
United States United States

Buck & Holly Buck & Holly
Black and Tan Coonhound
Buck & Holly
Meet Buck and Holly. They are 4 month old Black and Tan coonhounds. Thye love playin with the kids.... goin to the park and findin new stuff ot sniff :)
Tracy & Cj W

Tweak Tweak
Mixed Breed
My dog is called super dog because she is kind to anything around except bunnies. Her mom's name is Fraya. She was a Chocolate Lab. Although her dad's breed is unknown.
Miranda Van Atta
U.S.A. U.S.A.

Gizmo Gizmo
Shih Tzu
This is Gizmo, 7 months old. He is my pride and joy. My hubby and 3 sons love him too. He is such a baby and is spoiled rotten!! (But I love to spoil him). He has his "summer cut" in this pic.
B Sears

Madden Madden
We have been truely blessed with this little angel. He is a 3 year old 12 pound Pom with the biggest heart and so smart! He's our baby!
Pam McArdle

Chewy Chewy
Chow Chow
Not Forgotten
Chewy was a big pussycat underneath her bark & fur. She would cry & stay as close to my side as she could in thunderstorms. She also put up a big front with her bark when someone came to the door, but once she knew I was in no danger, she was very loveable to all. She had AKC papers & had 2 litters. I miss her very very much.
Lynn Thomas

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