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Owen Owen
Cairn Terrier
Owen is 11 weeks old and loves to chase after our feet. He plays with his favorite toy, an empty water bottle, in the kitchen and sprawled on the floor. We have nicknamed him Iceman because he loves ice cubes. Every time we open the freezer he is at our feet.
Wendy Roy
United States United States

Ginger Ginger
Miscellaneous Breed
We love her and she is very playful. She is a rat terrier breed.
agl gl

Tyson Tyson
Mixed Breed
This is Tyson he is very playful and love to takes walks and very good with childerns. he is a very layed back kind of guy. He is mixed with an American Pit Bull and Boxer.
Timothy Slack
Texas,USA Texas,USA

Wiley Wiley
Shiba Inu
he's a 4 month old red seasame color shiba inu who loves to chew on anything and everything including my hands. I hope it's a puppy stage that he'll grow out of.
united states united states

Lily Trujillo Lily Trujillo
Mixed Breed
Lily Trujillo
Lilly was born on 02/10/06. She is a full of energy pug and chihuahua mix that is always keeping us on our toes!
J.J. Trujillo
United States United States

Buddy Buddy
The perfect dog. Hardly barks, a bit of an over eater for sure, but hey, so am I!
Helvio Faria

Ben Ben
Mixed Breed
We just adopted Ben from North Shore Animal League on Long Island, in NY. I am happy and heartbroken. Heartbroken because Hootie, a dog 9 yrs. of age, who was given up to the League, needs lots and lots of love, and unfortunately, did not get along well with Ben, otherwise, I would have given him a home. I can't stop thinking about him. But, I am also happy about taking home Ben, a 4 yr. old with epilepsy, next week! I can't wait. Can someone help me with his breed? He's definitely not just lab, and I'm very curious to figure him out.
Karen Fitzgerald

Haley Mae Haley Mae
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Haley Mae
Haley Mae is a fun loving dog that loves to play and be the center of attention. Everyone loves her!
Nicole O

Belle Belle
Chinese Crested Dog
Belle is a sweet little Chinese Crested Powderpuff. She loves to run around and act silly.
Cara G

Ginger Ginger
Miscellaneous Breed
Ginger is a great puppy, she is very playful and sweet to all people. She's a rat terrier and I recommend anyone looking for a dog, get a rat terrier.
Annette Leon
U.S.A. U.S.A.

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