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Bruno Bruno
American Staffordshire Terrier
Bruno is the biggest lover I've ever met or had, he loves to kiss everyone and he is very friendly!! I truley adore this breed. I will recommend American Staffi's at all times. He is the best puppy possible, here he is 19 months old.
Christine Vanwagner

Foxlore Rumor Has It Foxlore Rumor Has It
Toy Fox Terrier
Foxlore Rumor Has It
Rumor is a lovely representative of the breed and the TOTAL TFT. She's athletic, intelligent, everyone who meets her falls in love with her and she's beautiful to boot. She's produced a number of champions as well as several agility and obedience TFTs. Her grandson Ch. Foxlore Dandy Man Can won and Award of Merit at the 2006 ATFTC National Specialty. Most importantly we just love Ru for Ru!
Chryste Psik

Muffin Muffin
Not Forgotten
In December my 18-year old Pekinese, Muffin, was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. In order to ease his pain, I ordered him a set of doggie wheels, which aided his mobility. He was so happy to be walking again. In March, 2006, he would not get up from his bed, so I took him to the Vet. Diagnosis was incurable kidney failure. In desperation to save my baby's life, I took him to four different Vets, who all confirmed the diagnosis. Saying goodbye to my four-legged best friend was unbearable grief. Everyone is telling me that time will cure this hurt; four months have passed and I still cry everyday for the loss of my baby.
Texas USA Texas USA

cadper cadper
Miniature Schnauzer
our prince learned command very early and he LOVES his daily shower for the last 4 months!
casper billie boucher
usa usa

charlie charlie
Labrador Retriever
Not Forgotten
he was sweet, loving. he loved people.
katie b
tennesse tennesse

Renegade Renegade
German Shepherd Dog
Renegade is only 3 months old he will be 4 months on the 31st of July. He is a really playful puppy and he likes to pick on our cat. he also likes to chew on anything he can get his teeth into. He doesnt bark alot unless he wants to get to the cat and he cant get to him. He likes to go for walks and play in the river.
Angela Roberts
United States Of America United States Of America

Kobe Shaud Kobe Shaud
Kobe Shaud
Kobe Is A Good DOG He Will Play Anybody He Meets (Well IF THERE nice) Kobe Can Pretend to Cover His Eyes To not look at something Kobe Is A VERY VERY VERY ALWAYS HAPPY DOG But He BARKS aT Weird Or lOUD nOISES bUT kOBE sTILL sTANDS oUT as good >
Kobe Shaud

Madison Madison
Jack Russell Terrier
She doesn't know she's a dog! She thinks she's a princess.
Kim Mauldin

Missy Missy
Missy likes to poke her nose into everything! She turns over garbage cans, hunts for skunks in our backyard and rips open any bag where food has, was or will be! She is a spunky member of our family!
Alex B

Tux Tux
A little handsome baby. Nickname "Licker", he loves to kiss & kiss til his tongue dries out!

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