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Chelsea Chelsea
Golden Retriever
Playful, friendly and very lovable. She's very active and gosh she's very intelligent. I can't wait to be home after work knowing she's waiting for us and wagging her tail just like saying "come on let's play I've missed you". Very fun-loving animal. I'm losing words to describe her. I love her so much...
Jopie Corpuz
Manila Manila

Spinx Spinx
Doberman Pinscher
Spinx at 9mons. old. She loves to play and loves to walk around the neighborhood with me. She is very intelligent.
Alvin Chua
Dumaguete City, Oriental Negros Dumaguete City, Oriental Negros

Nowmie Nowmie
Mixed Breed
playful & friendly
Shawn Rian Lexus Satorre
Davao City Davao City

Love-Love Love-Love
Shih Tzu
she is sweet and loving dog.....
Ma. Louela Banogon
Philippines Philippines

Du-Wo Du-Wo
Golden Retriever
Our Du-Wo is only four months old. Obviously, he loves to sleep...
Xiao Tien
Manila, Philippines Manila, Philippines

Flower Horn Flower Horn
Chow Chow
Flower Horn
it my family member
Ricky Wong
metro manila metro manila

Flower Horn Flower Horn
Chow Chow
Flower Horn
Ann Chubby
metro manila metro manila

Sadie Sadie
Gordon Setter
Sadie is a 7 year old pure breed female. She loves to run and is naturally bird crazy but recently geckos are her interest. I'm wondering if there are other Gordon Setters in the Philippines.
Lopaka Lolo
Makati, City Makati, City

Kirby Kirby
Bearded Collie
Kirby is 4 month old now. He is very playful and can't stay in one place.
Jessa Fabular
Philippines Philippines

Chubby Chubby
Chow Chow
Chubby is a mild tempered dog. He is very playful and appears to be quite simple minded and peaceful. He barks when strangers approach the main gate of the house. After a while he seems to have accepted any strange.
Jun Admana
Luzon, City of Paranaque Luzon, City of Paranaque

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