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Finn Finn
Labrador Retriever
Finn is a wonderful dog, lives to swim, and, loves everyone. He's my best friend!
Kari A

Morgan Morgan
Labrador Retriever
This is my baby out of three. I guess you can say, you do not know what love is until you owned a Lab.
Jess Bruskie

Con-Riky Con-Riky
Labrador Retriever
This is my baby. He is 4 months old. He loves to play even with strangers and he is obedient and intelligent.
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Arrow Ro-Ro Kahne Arrow Ro-Ro Kahne
Labrador Retriever
Arrow Ro-Ro Kahne
Arrow was adopted from the Golden Valley Humane Society in Minnesota. I brought him home when he was only 6 weeks old and now he is 7 months. Arrow is named after a Harry Nilsson song called "Me and my Arrow." He is very affectionate with tons of energy and LOVES the water. He likes to sleep on my shoulder at night. Ro-Ro is a very sweet boy.
Kristina Colleen
Iowa, USA Iowa, USA

Shanae Shanae
Labrador Retriever
She is a good dog.
Shantell Elliott
B.C. B.C.

Dixie ~ The spark that fired our love for Labrador Dixie ~ The spark that fired our love for Labrador
Labrador Retriever
Dixie ~ The spark that fired our love for Labrador
This is Dixie, she is an english style Black Labrador, whelped in Colorado now living with us (a large family of 6) in Idaho. We wanted to post a picture of her because if it hadn't been for her, we wouldn't have discovered just how wonderful Labradors are, she really is a good representative of the Labradors temperament, disposition, intelligence, style, and personality. She is truly one of a kind.
Robert and Mary K

Sir Toby the Yellow Sir Toby the Yellow
Labrador Retriever
Sir Toby the Yellow
Toby is a 2 ½ year old Yellow Lab standing at stud. He is large for a Lab, but the most gentle, calm and loving Lab. He gets along well with my other Lab and Chi, plus numerous neighbor animals.
Karlene Howell
California, USA California, USA

Wind Walker Now'N HiCntry - Levi Wind Walker Now'N HiCntry - Levi
Labrador Retriever
Wind Walker Now'N HiCntry - Levi
Levi is my first purebred Labrador. I have had Australian Shepherds for 12 years and decide to have something a little different. Levi is a wonderful example of the Labrador. He has proven loyalty, kindness, smartness, tolerance & love of children AND that labs loves to eat. He does get bored easy so we keep him entertained and he gets plenty of excercise & training.
Chrissy Greene

Chuckie Chuckie
Labrador Retriever
Chuckie is a sweet dog...he is also smart and very handsome!
Fermin Family
California, USA California, USA

Kyra Kyra
Labrador Retriever
Remember Kyra??(she's just some lines below). Well, here you have her puppies. They were born last Saturday. They're five: three girls and two boys and they're so cute!
Helmuth Torres
Sincelejo, Columbia Sincelejo, Columbia

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