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Windey Windey
Labrador Retriever
Windey is not quite 1 year old & has a very different personality from her sister. She is mischievous and loves to walk into her water pan rather than drink out of it!
KellyAnn Siebecke
Washington, USA Washington, USA

Maggie Maggie
Labrador Retriever
Maggie is a 9 month old Black Female, who loves the attention she always receives. She is leery of strangers, but absolutely loves children! Her favorite companion is a Chocolate Lab named Storm.
Jennifer Knight

Jax Jax
Labrador Retriever
Was ever a pup so frisky as our Jax A dog so loving, yet of manner lax He romps around all day Is so easily carried away And much inclined to live life to the max!
David McMaster
Juneau, Alaska. USA Juneau, Alaska. USA

Big Apple Big Apple
Labrador Retriever
Big Apple
Intelligent and obedient dog. A good and loyal companion.
Joey Devela
Philippines Philippines

Bella Bella
Labrador Retriever
Bella is a three year old Black Labrador Retriever. She loves to run, Bella is the fastest dog I have ever seen. She loves kids but does not like other dogs; she is over protective of her ball when it comes to other dogs. She will throw the ball back to you so you can throw it again and she does not stop running. Bella is the greatest. And if you're looking for a good dog for a family, I highly recommend you getting a Labrador Retriever.
Brittany R.
British Columbia,Canada British Columbia,Canada

Coco Coco
Labrador Retriever
Chocolate Lab. 95 Lbs.. Likes to eat kleenex when we are not home :0)
Jay and Meg G.

Shayna Shayna
Labrador Retriever
Shayna is a 10-year-old Lab. She is full of unconditional love, sweetness and happiness. Shayna is a Certified Therapy Dog. We visit hospitals & convalescent homes and bring joy to patients. Sometimes Shayna's visits turn out to be the best medicine!
Meredith M.

Choco and Max Choco and Max
Labrador Retriever
Choco and Max
Spoiled rotten!
Lauren Kingry

Jake Jake
Labrador Retriever
My dog Jake is a male and will be 14 at the end of June. Jake is a very friendly dog, and loves to play and do all kinds of tricks. His best trick is putting his treat on his nose, and he'll leave it there until you tell him to eat it. When he is hungry he will always go get his bowl and bring it to me. And when he's mad he sighs, and you know he's disgusted. When he does something wrong, I ask him, "Who Done That?" and he puts his head down.
Terri Dickson
New Brunswick, Canada New Brunswick, Canada

Bliss Bliss
Labrador Retriever
Bliss is a certified therapy dog!
E. Hoffman
Pennsylvania, USA Pennsylvania, USA

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