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Tanner Tanner
Labrador Retriever
YES, so Tanner has learned to smile! Not sure how he did it for the picture...maybe he was just excited to be a reindeer for the day!
Heidi K.

Marchall Marchall
Labrador Retriever
Marshall is extremely playful and he lives inside the house. He loves stuffed toys and loves to do the roll over. He is good at jumping through the hula hoop and he loves ice cream and chocolate.
Fatima Siddiqi
Pakistan Pakistan

Bullwinkle Bullwinkle
Labrador Retriever
This is the biggest cutest Chocolate Labrador ever. He's 150 pounds of sweetness. His best friend is a Rotty.
Merilee Malseed

Oso Oso
Labrador Retriever
This handsome guy is 3 months old! He is lovely, sweet and friendly. All of the neighborhood children enjoy playing with him. He loves walks on the beach and getting splashed by the Pacific Ocean, he will be a surfer when he grows up. Everybody loves Oso!
R. V.
Peru Peru

Jake Jake
Labrador Retriever
I'm a Birthday Boy! A mere two year old. Jake is my GrandDog and he is just like one of the grandchildren; spoiled rotten.
Cora Dickson

Willis Willis
Labrador Retriever
Willis is almost 4 months old now and he is a big part of our family. He is smart and a fast learner with a big heart. We live by the lake and he just loves going down to the water to have some fun.
B. Jansen
Canada Canada

Paige Paige
Labrador Retriever
Paige is a real sweetheart. She is our first Labrador Retriever. She is extremely smart and ever so cuddly...she loves giving kisses!!!
R. L.
Canada Canada

Mithaai Mithaai
Labrador Retriever
She is the cutest family member, born on 15/08/2004. She is black & beautiful. She is full of fun and energy and is capable of transmitting that energy and love to each member of our family and the guests. She is just love.
Sujoy Sarkar
India India

Bandit Bandit
Labrador Retriever
Bandit is a 5 month old Black Labrador. Because of his white patch, showing him is not desirable by the AKC, but he is the best dog, and very smart. At this point, he doesn't know he's a dog!
M. Hall
Ohio, USA Ohio, USA

Eldridge Eldridge
Labrador Retriever
Eldridge is a Guide Dog Puppy in Training from Guide Dogs for the Blind. He is a Yellow Lab, and the second puppy I have raised. He is a lovable boy!
Kelai S.
Washington, USA Washington, USA

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