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Luca Luca
Mixed Breed
Hello, my mummy and daddy tell me I am a beautiful prince. Don't you agree? I like to give a paw and am always wagging my tail. I like to lay on the bed pillows even though I shouldn't. I have to go now as my little eyes are tired. Bye bye.
British British

Jake Jake
Mixed Breed
Jake is a dog I rescued in Sept. of 2003. He was left tied up in the backyard of an abandoned home. I immediately took him to my vet and he was diagnosed with heartworms, first stage. I got him treated and he pulled thru. He is a wonderful dog, with a great temperament and very sweet, a little goofy but very lovable...
Valerie Cintron

Star Star
Mixed Breed
Star will be 10 years old in October. I have had her since she was 3 months old. She is very sweet and spoiled.. The attached pic is of her on her 9th Birthday with the doggie cake I made her.
Valerie Cintron

Lilly Bug Lilly Bug
Mixed Breed
Lilly Bug
She is a Miniature Pinscher/Pug mix.
Heather Williams
Indiana USA Indiana USA

Brittany Brittany
Mixed Breed
Brittany is 14 years old and loves to play with her toys and go on walks. She is the Queen of her yard!
Jackie B.
America America

My friend Bud My friend Bud
Mixed Breed
My friend Bud
I took Bud from the SPCA shelter in Montreal when he was one year old. He is now over two years old and is a wonderful dog. Full of energy and he loves to walk. He's a mix of Border Collie and Retriever. There is no dull moment with him. This is his pitty me look.
Michel Drolet
Canada Canada

Abby Abby
Mixed Breed
Abby is a happy Border Collie/Lab cross who loves fetching anything you throw. She loves catching bubbles and fetching sticks in the creek the most!
Ontario, Canada Ontario, Canada

Rogue Rogue
Mixed Breed
Cutest wolfdog ever-she can't get enough of the snow. faq: named after the xmen character- NOT the beer! (nor the river)
Josh S

Kaya Kaya
Mixed Breed
She's 10 years old, but people always ask "how old is your puppy?"-FULL of energy!
Heather P

Mia Mia
Mixed Breed
Mia is a maltese cross pom. She is 3 mnths old. She is spoilt rotten and loves her family especially her daddy. She loves playing with her feline brothers her rotti cross sister Rhani and her human brothers and sister. She doesn't like baths but LOVES cuddling up under the blankets with mum and dad on cold nights.
Emma Miles
Berri, South Australia Berri, South Australia

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