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Sasha Sasha
Mixed Breed
This is Sasha. Me & my wife picked her up at an ARL in Des Moines IA little over 2years ago. She was just over 4 months old when we got her. She has been such a joy for me & my wife. This is my first dog & I couldn't of asked for any better. She can be the most nicest dog but when strangers arise you better watch out. She is real good with kids witch makes me & my wife happy since we want to satrt having kids soon.
Brian B

Esmeray Esmeray
Mixed Breed
Esmeray is 1 year old and the most affectionate dog in the world. She is a cross breed, we are not sure what type of dog she is crossed with but by her ears she is definitely part spaniel.
Laura M
Turkey Turkey

Marcell Jean Davis Marcell Jean Davis
Mixed Breed
Marcell Jean Davis
Marcella was named after my fiance's grandmother.
Don Davis
usa usa

Jazzy-Mae Jazzy-Mae
Mixed Breed
My dog is a husky-shephard mix. She is five years old and she is beautiful. She has black hair with a white undercoat and brown markings on her back. Her face is gray and she has the build of a husky. Her personality is more like that of a shephard. She is the most beautiful dog I have ever owned.
mary suess
United States United States

Mixed Breed
There are not words to explain how much i love Gina. She is a queen and gets whatever she wants. On the picture is looking after a treasure.
Cuba Cuba

Negrita Negrita
Mixed Breed
Negri you is beautiful. She sleeps a lot and enjoys sunbathing,likes eating boiled eggs and hates her vet.
Serg Garcia
Cuba Cuba

Juanita Juanita
Mixed Breed
We think Juanita in the other life was a littler pig. She is always making holes in the ground to hide treasures. She is our spoilt baby. We are far from Cuba missing you every day but will love you forever.
Cuba Cuba

daisy daisy
Mixed Breed
my dog is fun to play with and love to play feck and is a geat dog
mikaela white
tx tx

General General
Mixed Breed
Mr. General is the best dog I have ever had. Everyone who meets him falls in love. He is a Bassett Hound / Lab mix and he's 4 or 5 years old. 2 years ago he was wandering around town a homeless/lost little hobo until the dog catcher got him. He was a day away from being put down when I found his photo and fell in love. General is so much fun, he gives great snuggles and he's hysterical when he gets going with his toys. Our family would not be complete without him.

Avery Avery
Mixed Breed
Avery was a stray and we couldn't resist taking her home. She is about a year old (we think) and has been the best gift we have ever received. I tell her she is the "prettiest puppy" once a day and I get lots of kisses in return!
Gentry Watren

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