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Lady Lady
Mixed Breed
Lady is a German Shepherd/Borzoi mix. She is just so wonderful with our cats and tends to be a sweet and loveable clown with people. She loves kids, going for walks with her daddy, and is quite protective of me, her mommy!
Peggy Manikas
New York, USA New York, USA

Fran Fran
Mixed Breed
She's sight impaired and lovable.
Rick Wilcox
Australia Australia

Stitch Stitch
Mixed Breed
Stitch is a two months old pug mixed with a lhasa apso. She's a very smart, fun and loving dog!!
Isabelle T
New Brunswick, Canada New Brunswick, Canada

Lucy Lucy
Mixed Breed
Lucy loves to play outside!
Tracey Julian
Perryville USA Perryville USA

Zachary Zachary
Mixed Breed
Zachary is a Border Collie/Shepherd Mix. At age 10 he learned Dog Agility and loves the sport. He loves the outdoors as you can see. He has traveled from MO to AK with me and been my best companion. I only wish he would get younger, not older!
Kimberlee Jones
Colorado, USA Colorado, USA

Dooper Dooper
Mixed Breed
Snoopy is a silly dog. He has a big mouth. He is a good boy. He is a mix. Snoopy was from the animal shelter. He is one year old. He likes chairs. He will lick you if you get near.

Pacco Morgan Love Pacco Morgan Love
Mixed Breed
Pacco Morgan Love
Pacco Morgan Love is a black furry mongrel that I adopted from an unwanted litter. She is an hyperactive mutt and loves outdoor adventure. She enjoys weekly trekking with me and she also participates in dog sports.
Amanda Lee
Malaysia Malaysia

Duke Duke
Mixed Breed
Duke is 8 years old now and is truly the best dog ever!!!
Lesley Palmieri
Canada Canada

Tonto Tonto
Mixed Breed
He learns tricks fast. 7 so far. He is a little punk. I have a bunch of nicknames for him, because he has lots of personalities.He is very verbal. I get asked what kind of dog he is a lot. He can count to five. He likes lima beans.

Panda Bear Panda Bear
Mixed Breed
Panda Bear
Panda Bear is Cilla's Sister and Butch's Daughter. Panda Bear was born Nov 11 2001. Her mommy was a Malamute Husky and her daddy was Butch the Black Lab. Panda is such a sweet dog and like her sister thinks the is human even eats from a fork! Cilla will rough house with you but Panda just likes you to death! Panda loves to give her cousin Shadoe kissies!!
Michelle W

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