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Chip Chip
Chip is a happy little dog who is always wanting to play. His fave food is gravy bones and he lives with a Basset called Barney and a mongrel called Amy.
Sam Johnson
England England

Simba Simba
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Simba is 9 months old, he is a lazy dog inside but outside he is one excited dog who also likes to eat alot. Most of the time he eats chicken and beef and likes a lick of the beer bottle. But he is a very affectionate dog and I love him to bits.
Nik Nicholas
Britain Britain

Orobos Rottweilers Orobos Rottweilers
Orobos Rottweilers
2 of our young females.
Sue Orobos
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Gabby Gabby
Gordon Setter
She is the most loving Gordon we have had, a real firecracker lively too.
Sooz Wethered
England England

Ruby Ruby
Miniature Pinscher
Ruby is a black and tan Miniature Pinscher, she weighs 6 pound, she is loving and always happy, her nickname is Miss dynamite! She is faster than a speeding bullet, fearless and smart. She is the love of my life.
Bev Peel
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Ginger and Lucy Ginger and Lucy
Jack Russell Terrier
Ginger and Lucy
My dogs are mother and daughter, Ginger had eight puppies in May this year. It was hard to choose which puppy to keep, they were all so special. But we are pleased with our choice, Lucy is a great dog. They adore each other and we love them to bits. I don't care what anyone says about JRT's they are brilliant little dogs, i wouldn't be without them.
Lily S.

Taz Taz
Yorkshire Terrier
7 weeks old Yorkshire Terrier very playful also sleepy.
Gloria Harris
United Kingdom United Kingdom

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